About Sitosis Minecraft

This is a private survival MineCraft server. Here at Sitosis we are looking to build a community of mature Minecraft players who share a common interest in a server that abides by the following general precepts:

Technical Details

Thanks to generous financial contributions from several players in the Sitosis community, Sitosis is able to provide a high-performance dedicated Minecraft server as well as a Mumble voice chat server to its players.

Online Since3/30/2011
Server RAM3.0 GB
Max Players20
Grief ProtectionMCBans, CoreProtect
Backups4 hours
Mumble Slots15

We do our best to minimize down-time due to server crashes and other technical issues, and because we employ few plugins, we are able to keep up to date with the latest releases of Minecraft without lengthy delays waiting for a lot of mods to play catch-up first.

Map resets are only performed after community votes, warnings are always given on the forum well in advance, and old maps are provided as downloads to players who wish to relive the glory days of the past on their own single player games.

Contributions to help to keep the server running are always welcome. You can contribute via PayPal using the button below or contact any of the admins for any questions. Thank you!

Applying for Membership

Sitosis Minecraft has three application states that it can be in at any given time. The current state can be seen at the top of this site.

How to Apply

If you wish to join our community, simply apply for an account on the forum. But first, please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines:

  1. Your forum username must be the same as your Minecraft username (this is the name we will be adding to the server whitelist upon acceptance of your application).

  2. When asked why you want to join, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you're looking for in a Minecraft server, and if you were referred by an existing player be sure to mention that player's name.

  3. If you were referred, ask the player who referred you to send an email to mcadmins@sitosis.com with both of your in-game names in order to confirm the referral—this is very important and missing this step will result in a much longer delay for your application to be processed or possible outright rejection of your application.

  4. A quick background check will be performed on your username. If you have any kind of ban history on other Minecraft servers, or affiliation with any hacking, modding, or griefing groups or communities, your application will be summarily rejected without notification. To prove you've read all of these guidelines, please also include a Minecraft-related haiku with your application when filling out the section on why you want to join. If you don't your application will be rejected.

  5. Applications can take up to a week or two to process. You will receive email notification once your application is approved. Please do not hound anyone on the server about the status of your application or it may result in its rejection.

After Joining

Chances are you'll be joining an already fairly well-established map. Please respect other people's property when choosing a spot to build. If you want to build inside a heavily populated area, make sure there are no obvious claims (via in-game signs, signs on the map, or posts on the forum) before getting started. If you're unsure, it's always best to ask on the forum first!.

New Player Guides

Anti-Griefing Measures

There are a few simple measures you can take to help to ensure that admins will be able to help resolve griefing and thieving incidents in the event that they arise:

Special Signs

There are a few special types of signs that players can create on the server map by including a special code in the sign text:

Forum posts

Mumble Voice Chat

Sitosis Minecraft provides a Mumble voice chat server for its players:
Server: mumble.sitosis.com, Port: 36095

  1. First, you need to download the Mumble client software for your computer from Mumble.com. There are clients available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

  2. When you install it, if you only plan on using Mumble for Sitosis Minecraft, you can choose to disable the backwards compatible client to save space.

    Install Window

  3. You should have your headset plugged in prior to the first time you launch it, because you will be prompted to go through the audio wizard to set your recording and volume levels.

  4. You will also be prompted to create an SSL certificate. Just select the Automatic Certificate Creation option here unless you already know what you're doing.

    Certificate Window

  5. Next, you should see the Server Connect window. If not, click the globe icon or select Server→Connect from the menu on the main Mumble window. From the Server Connect window, click the Add New... button.

    Servers Window

  6. The label should be Sitosis, address is mumble.sitosis.com, port is 36095, and username should be the same as your forum/Minecraft username.

    Add Server Window

  7. After you've created the server, you should see it appear under a "Favorites" folder in the Server Connect window. You can now click it and then click the "Connect" button.

  8. If you get a prompt asking you to accept the server certificate, click "Yes."

    Accept Certificate Window

  9. When prompted for the server password, enter the password that you can obtain from the forum here.

    Password Prompt

  10. Once you've logged in, you can already join other player's temp channels and talk to them. You still need to register your account on the server before you can create your own temp channels, however. You do that by right-clicking your name in the user list, and selecting "Register."

    Register Menu

  11. ???

  12. Profit!

Reporting Abuse

The following users have administrator privileges on the server and may be able to help you out:

In an emergency griefing situation, if there are no admins online to handle it immediately, send an email to mcadmins@sitosis.com. This is a mailing list that sends a copy of your email to all of the server admins, and is the quickest way to get someone's attention.

Griefer-Response Measures

We use the CoreProtect mod which logs all player actions, makes it easy to identify thieves and griefers, and allows admins to roll-back griefing damage without having to roll back the whole map or any work done by other players. People caught deliberately trying to ruin the game for others will be permanently banned.

2015 Fundraiser

The 2015 Fundraiser is officially under way. The main goal this year is to keep the same level of service we've had for the past year. $350 will pay for the current 3 GB VPS (virtual private server) and Mumble for another year.

I've seeded us with $50 to get us going, the rest is up to you guys!

Current Progress


You can contribute via PayPal using the button below. The progress meter doesn't automatically update, but it will be manually adjusted after receiving any contributions. Please also give your in-game name when you contribute. Thank you!