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edited February 2012 in General
Hey guys, Mellow here. I just wanted to say that since Lent is tomorrow (February 22), I am not going to be on till it is over. For those of you that don't know what Lent is, it is a time when a person gives up something or does something. Well not only have I chosen to give up minecraft, I have chosen to give up my laptop. So starting tomorrow, I will not be on the server. I have made a small list of my items so don't even try stealing anything. Anyways, have fun everyone.



  • i have given up a long time ago. see you on the other siiiiiii
  • Lent has always seemed a strange thing. You're giving up something for 40days to remember/honour your saviour's death, and then picking it back up again? I say spent 40days doing something good, not depriving yourself of something that makes your life happier.

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