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Stolen Items 3-5-12

edited March 2012 in Grievances
Not of any great import, but it looks like someone nabbed some iron and a stack of wheat from a chest at -120, 35.


  • Can you tell me an approximate timeframe (don't forget to add your timezone)? And is the Y coordinate at sea level i.e. 64?
  • @asum,
    the full coord are -120, 56, 33. I already looked into it, but couldn't find anything in the last 3 days.
    One of the new guys took a look at that chest, but it was after this message was posted. Need to go deeper into the logs ...

    So yeah, timeframe will definatelly help!
  • If it happened before the last 3 days, then there's not much we can do - logging wasn't active then. It was probably part of the griefing/stealing spree we already know of.

    In any case, @minrin - make a list of items stolen that you would like to get back.
  • I'll reacquire them. No worries. Just a fact of life when you build near spawn.
  • Thanks for looking into it, btw.

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