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They came. They destroyed my trees.

edited March 2012 in Grievances
Someone came to my property yesterday (Bayta, Raybren, Sweetlee) and destroyed ~30 trees. This occurrence was right next to a sign on the edge of the property stating [H] Isle of Bayta & Raybren and the tree tops were left.

I would like the person who did this to either help me remove the trees, or give payment for my troubles for replacing the wood and or chopping down the trees & replanting, of which I don't know what would take less IRL time.



  • I would like to add that this "tree trunking" is insanely obnoxious, if you need wood, cut down the entire tree, just taking the trunk makes for an ugly map and I wouldnt want anyone on the map doing that. And do do it to someones property to me is grief.
  • Haha do do, I meant to do
  • Tonight I will be spending my night fixing these trees. Yay. [I'm still frustrated.]
  • Actually, I won't be. I don't even know where to begin. The whole reason I joined this server and donated, and put my free time into playing here is because I thought incidents like this didn't happen here.
  • edited March 2012
    I can understand why you're frustrated Bayta, but I can easily see how someone could've mistaken those trees for wild ones. We can't start banning people for cutting down a tree either. I am sure it was a honest mistake. Happened to all of us at one point.
    Your best bet would be to "fix" and replant the woods and maybe put a wall/fence, so people know those trees are not for sale.
  • It might also be time to revisit the idea of shutting the door to all applicants that aren't specifically referred by existing players, even if just for a while until things settle down a bit.

    I know it received a lot of opposition last time I suggested it on the forums, but I still think it might make sense (especially now that the community size has increased and there are a lot more active players due to the 1.2 update).
  • I've added a new poll in the sidebar to see what people think.
  • edited March 2012
    This time I agree with the suggestion to (at least temporarily) shut the doors - the number of online players has lately been rather high. If it should fall again, then perhaps we should revisit that decision (if it is made).

    I also have another suggestion. Looking at the registered player list, I see a lot of people who haven't been online for ages - maybe we should do a cleanup on the MC whitelist (but not the forum)...
  • @reopru that would be difficult for them to miss, as they cut down trees that had torches on them, and that were within visible distance and surrounding a sign that stated it was our island. I've completely fenced it off and replanted, something that took me a full night of gameplay. I felt in necessary to voice my issue and receive a response from the community, and I thank you all.
  • @rudism - I'm totally game for that option. (but I'm biased, as I had my home uber-griefed when I first came on, plus I have a friend waiting in the queue. ^_^)
  • @healthyaddict
    you do? Who is that, can't see anyone reffering to you as a friend in the applicants. Let him/her apply again, maybe something went wrong ...
  • I destroyed 2 the other day but I replanted them, sorry for any convinience caused (if any).
  • As a follow up, in response to the pretty much unanimous response on the poll, we've officially closed the doors to public applications on the server for now.

    New players will still be vetted for questionable histories, but must be referred by an existing player to even qualify. The application process is the same (prospective players must apply for a forum account using their Minecraft username), but they should also mention who referred them in the "why do you want to join" field when registering.

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