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  • hey pretty simple, just show up. you might want to bring a friend.
  • Anyone have multiple stacks of obsidean lying around? I'm in the market :)
  • Warzorack--I have some chests of cobblestone I am not using
    Piz-- My obsidian production will start up again soon.
  • does any one have 24 sticky pistons if so i have plenty of wood cobbel and more stuff up for offer
  • Will anyone allow me use of their experience grinder for enchanting purposes? I will trade something for permission if required.
  • you can use mine, i dont have them water elevated high enough but there are plenty of skellies there.

    to the left of the workbench in that hole
  • So I have taken to trying to get a complete set of music discs, and despite the massive amount of creepers I have killed, I have not gotten the 'mellohi' disc, so if anyone happens to have a spare, I have any other music disc and am willing to trade any combination of two other music discs for 'mellohi'
  • I have now acquired all ten music discs currently available sorry!
  • Im looking to purchase or trade for a high level diamond looting sword for beef slaughter.
  • I have a lightly used diamond Efficiency IV pick for trade, it mines obsidian quite fast, and everything else just about instantly. Let me know if you're interested!
  • i need gunpowder. lots of gunpowder. i am planing on blasting a rather large hole in the ground to build a city in. i can pay in pretty much anything (except emeralds) for gunpowder/tnt
  • I have 5 stacks of gunpowder to offer, enough for a full stack of tnt. How much diamonds would that give me?
  • I need cobble and Gravel as much as possible to complete my walls and will pay (looks at rockser after blasting) :P
  • pizike, I have loads of cobble, 10 stacks for a diamond
  • My mining style also produces a lot of cobble. So, because price fixing is cool, I'll ask whatever reopru is asking :) . If that much cobble is needed, that is ...
  • i can get you gravel quickly, how much do you need?
  • just got 2 Double chest of cobble, but I will probably need more. Let me smelt this down and put it up and we will see about more.
  • haha 2 double chest gone, and I'll need probably 10 more, anyone got a quote on 10 double chest of cobble?
  • I have about 5. I can spare let's say 4, rest I'll keep until I get more. I'm excavating a large space, so there should be plenty, provided that my grinder gives me enough gunpowder.

    On a related note - does anyone know why my darkroom grinder stopped working properly after the update?
  • Did the mob AI change again? remember when they would just fall into the water channel and not try to avoid it... ahh good times. How much you want for them 4 double chest? Or what would you like rather.
  • It looks like the few drops I do get are from mobs that accidentally fall into the canals. Some quick googling shows that indeed the AI seems to have been changed. By the sounds my tower is packed full of mobs, but they just happily walk around there without falling in.

    So, right now the only thing I'm low on is gunpowder/TNT. But if your grinder isn't working either ...

    The new ridiculous hunger mechanics coupled with laggy server mean that I go through much more food, so, some of your fine beef maybe? If raw is cheaper, I'll take that - I have chestloads of coal to cook it :) .
  • edited August 2012
    I'll breed some and slaughter a new batch today for ya, should keep you going for weeks :P

    perhaps we should look at flat floors with some sort of timed or toggle-able switch to flush the mobs down a chute, link me what you found on there AI, or better yet start a new thread on it, and we can create a new mob grinder based on it.
  • Cool, I'll show you where the cobble is, so you can take it whenever is good for you.

    And I started a new thread about grinders.
  • I need gunpowder/tnt, a lot of it, for my underground city, i can pay in pretty much anything
  • Looking for some mossy stone brick, going to build a portal in the nether so mine doesn't auto-direct me to the spawn one, but need to adhere to the style of the pathway that I'd be building near.
    I have quite a bit of coal ore that I've silk-touched that I could trade, as well as some other resources.
    Also if anyone has any Bane of Arthropod swords they don't want, throw them my way. I've got a spider problem.
  • i happen to have just enchanted a diamond sword with bane of Arthropods IV, never been used and only droped once.
  • edited November 2012
    UPDATE for 1.4- I'll be trading wool & other resources (details to come).
  • Anyone have 4 obsidian for an enchantment table? I'm at exp lvl 50 and traded someone for 2 diamonds. So I just need the obsidian.

    If anyone can make this happen, you will be rewarded, with something... Not sure what but something awesome.

    Free Redstone work for example... You won't find anyone better.
  • I'm looking for Lapis lazuli. lots of it.
  • Thx sooo much for the obsidean myriadgene let me know if you need something

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