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  • If you're looking for WOOL or SANDSTONE/related blocks- hit me up.
  • Looking for a ton of gun powder. i will be stockpiling weapons because i need to be prepared for griefing day. if anyone has gun powder just tell me a price and i will see what i can do.
  • We don't have a griefing day fyi

    TNT will only be used for mining or destroying your own creations, or in the rare occasion of launching chickens high in the air for science.

  • Correction: griefing day will be announced when the general consensus dictates a new map. However, admins will hand out TNT so you needn't worry about collecting any. Also, we just got this map not too long ago, so you'll probably have to wait a long time. Remember, griefing is not permitted at any time- unless we're getting a new map AND the administrators have announced it.
  • Fallacy ----> "...griefing is not permitted at any time- unless..." hehe
  • Pft. What do you call it when you blow that kajeebers out of someone's house using TNT that the admins handed out freely?
  • I will be building a bedrock level house. But the trick is it will be in a waterless crater in the middle of the ocean
  • I can get you some gunpowder, talk to me if you see me online
  • does anyone have music discs for sale? specifically stal and mellohi
  • I have a harvest of about 1000 sugarcane per day. if anyone needs alot i will trade in bulk
  • Hey all, I'm in desperate need of sand, sandstone, sandstone slabs, sandstone stairs, or just any kind of sand product I've got some nice minerals and a full enchantment table, contact me if you see me in game, you can also talk to Rockser11
  • i need iron or rails to get 800 rails im at 130 -740
  • Bookerman- that'll be great for trading in mine & Asum's village/city nearby. Warzorack- there's mass amounts of sand that needs leveled near my village, and you're free to it- barring destructive stripping or exposing non-sand elements.
  • I might take you up on that rail, Knight of Dawn, in need of ~100.
  • Looking for red, orange, white, and black wool to make an eye of sauron I am making. Will pay with diamonds/iron/carots/potatoes and other valuables.
  • Looking to buy/trade for lots of gunpowder for 'possible' sitosis new years eve fireworks display. Donations welcome as well.

    I have almost everything available for trade.
  • How much do you need. Because I can give you 21 (for a price of course).
  • stacks and stacks of gunpowder :P I'll just build a mob tower close to home, but I can trade for some if you need anything.
  • If you see me online i'll give what I can spare. I don't think we need any right now.
  • Does anyone have a diamond pick with fortune enchantment?

    For a fortune 1 I will trade:
    -90 iron2 stacks of bones
    -64 wheat and
    -TONS of mushroom soup

    For fortune 2 I will trade:
    -(the previous stuff) +
    -an unbreakable III efficiency III diamond pick
    -30 gold
    -(and a stack of pumpkins if you want)

    IDK what i would trade for fortune III

  • I have a diamond pick with fortune II, I will trade with you for the diamond pick you have and the 30 gold. Everything else you can keep :)
  • Hey pizike i havethe other six stacks of wheat of the ten you wanted. Also does anyone have any extra wool and dye?
  • In need of lots of slimeballs, to be precise 6 stacks of them.

    Willing to trade for iron :)
  • How much iron per stack? I have that many or close to it.
  • I only need 2 stacks now :) umm how much you thinking?
  • 32 iron per stack? sound good?
  • Yeah that's fine :)
  • edited January 2013
    I'll jump on today at lunch time, and leave them in achest buried like treasure. Then i'll pm you the coord for the trade chest :P it will be an adventure :) hehe

    edit: or if you happen to be on, I guess i could just hand you them.

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