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  • if anyone wants to trade for smaller amounts of neather quartz i have about 3 stacks right now
  • how much are you looking for for it?
  • I would like to have some nether quartz :) Will trade, only have a stack or so, want to build a nice greek temple in my castle town.
  • you guys can submit an offer since there art really any specific things i looking for
  • I realized that my diamond supply is really low, if anyone has about 10-20 diamonds and would like to trade, I have tons of iron and other resources. Just let me know and we can make a deal. Thanks!
  • lava_jumper, I can trade 20 diamonds for metal and redstone, not sure what a fair rate is though.
  • I have a fortune III enchanted skillbook, thats gotta be worth something. I dont need it, so if anyone is looking let me know.
  • Warzorack and I are looking for one, does 10 diamonds for it sound fair?
  • hows 2 dimond blocks sound?
  • Pizike, 20 diamonds for 8 redstone stacks? and a stack of iron? Sound fair?
  • actually warzorack and I just managed to enchant one.
  • cool, I get one every so often
  • I need quartz to finish my temple roof, I've got lotz of cooked beef or leather to trade.
  • I'm running low on coal. If anyone has some I'd be happy to trade some wood or stone with them
  • I'd love to buy a saddle in exchange for a name tag or disc!
  • I have an extra saddle I'll trade for a nametag
  • I have 100 extra bookcases along with mossy and cracked stone. Looking for looting III sword, sharpness III + book, blaze rods, diamonds and quartz.
  • Sold, Mr. Pizike. Let me know when we can make the transaction. im currently stuck in the nether >.<
  • edited November 2013
    Cool probably this evening, my router took a shit on me yesterday, but they are fixing it this morning. If you want it sooner, let me know and I'll tell you were they are.
  • I'll wait. I have orchestra from 7-9:15PM EST so maybe tomorrow unless you're on around now til 5:30ish. (I leave an hour early for warm-up)
  • Does anyone have slime they could trade? I just need like... 10-20 max?
  • Just fallen into the void in the End, taking three stacks of sandstone I'd collected for the Enderman grinder with me. Looking to trade for sandstone/string if anyone has any knocking about. Can trade food, quartz blocks, wood, other misc things, or possibly in building services.
  • Does anyone have a couple cactus or cactus green? I don't need much and can trade wood or coal or anything
  • F33Frodo, I'll drop off some cactus for you to grow, seems I've got monopoly on it being close to the only desert so far.
    Think of it as a gift, and feel free to donate anything you want to the Enderman Farm project whenever you wish.
  • Ok, awesome thanks. I'll be sure to donate any sandstone I find
  • Do you need any redstone? for the pistons if you are making a fancy one?
  • Would anyone have blue dye (dark or light, doesn't matter)
  • If it's from Lapis I can give you some, I need bookshelves
  • I am in requirement for Sugar Cane, Paper or Bookshelves. I will pay in Diamonds, Iron, Redstone and Horses
  • you know, I think i have a fair amount of sugar cane, and could definitely use a horse.

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