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[Resolved] Griefer banned: ro0t_. Map rolled back 3 hours.

edited March 2012 in Grievances
There has been a major griefing event.
One of the new players turned out to be on the dark side, ro0t_ has been banned.

His victims: asum2 and his neighbor in the wooden jungle-houses.

Please refrain from major building/gathering until further notice, a roll back is being considered.


  • We rolled back to the 16:00 backup at around 19:00 EST today, so we ended up losing about 3 hours of work, but we felt that the damage was extensive enough that it was worth it.

    If anyone lost significant time building or gathering materials during that three hours, talk to an admin and we'll try to compensate you.
  • I can give people wood they might have lost as I now have a surplus of it

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