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Looking for owner of build at -130, 200

edited March 2012 in Community Discussions
Doesn't look like any work has been done on this in awhile, but if I can find the person who owns it, I'd like to build an exit to an underground road that would require reshaping the garden at this location some.

I'd be happy to help re-landscape this area so that it looks nice, if I can get an okay to finish the road. Thanks.


  • I was wondering that myself too, who put a garden there? Maybe for the new players, so they can get some food before they build a base?

    Anyways, I like your idea Minrin, lets hope the owner checks the forum!
  • That whole area between the portal and my towers needs some landscaping. Right now it's abandoned buildings, creeper holes etc.... I was hoping more players would settle there and a city or something like that would develop, but instead people moved away.
    This really calls for some community building, especially (as I understand it) as the nether hub is/will be around there.
  • its mine and some one has destroyed it!!!!!!!
  • Is it on an island with a fence all around it? Then it's me (Bayta), Raybren, and SweetLee

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