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Community Build Planning

edited March 2012 in Community Discussions
It has been mentioned that our nether portal hub will be at or around -135, 175. I would like to participate in a community build to clean up and develop this area. There are a number of builds already located around here and I think it would make a convenient crossroads and a potential resource hub for new players.

A first pass at a plan:

Phase 1: Terraforming
-Level off the desert peninsula where the portal is. Tear up the garden, the two shacks (-145, 230 / -150, 242) and the abandoned cobble castle (-100, 270).
-Fix up the house at -120, 245 (marked DemonDroids) and put our initial supplies, equipment, beds and workshop in there.
-Cover this area with dirt and get grass growing.
-Build a crossroads that we can run to Asum's build, connect to my road and to the nearby jungle builds.
-Mark off an "edge" to our community build somehow (I'm partial to castle-type walls, but fences or anything that looks nice will work.

Phase 2: Construction
-We'll need a nice looking, clearly labeled and very large supply center and workshop somewhere in this town. They don't need to be the same building or to have everything all in one place, but these resources should all be close to one another. (don't forget places for an enchanting area and potion stands)
-The building that houses the nether portal ought to be epic.
-A sleeping place. A community building that contains several beds for new players or players who want to respawn inside the hub. (Resist the urge to build a "hotel")
-At least one of these buildings should be tall enough to see from a great distance.

Phase 3: Landscaping
-A town center with a bulletin board (lots of space for signs)
-Remaining space can be devoted to gardens, paths, stands of trees and other things that look cool and/or can be used to aid new or hard-up players.
-We need one or a couple cool-looking, uniform lighting methods that can be used to ensure that the area inside the hub is safe.
-If anybody is skilled with animals, getting pen/breeding area set up would be cool (a low priority, since mc husbandry is far from an exact science and is very easy to grief).

-Don't use cobble as a base building material. Use it as an accent, or in places that won't be visible, but structures should never be primarily made out of cobble.
-Don't use naked torches in finished builds. Consider lighting when you are building things. If lighting will come from torches, find a way to make them look cool.
-If you wish to add something to the build that is not a part of this outline (or whatever the final draft of the plan ends up being), please post it here and/or obtain the permission of one of the authoritative-type people.
-Please do not use lava in such a way that players (or builds) can accidentally set themselves on fire.

Community chests:
-The chests inside the house at -125, 245 will be community chests. Anything in these chests is available to anyone participating in this build.
-Please add useful building materials to these chests (we'll almost definitely need a crap-ton of coal, wood and glowstone)
-If you wish to store building materials at the community site during this project, please put a sign with your name next to the chest.
-Please do not take anything from other people's chests.


  • I like the idea of a central community. Even if people don't want to live there they could build a structure in the community so we would have an eclectic showcase of builds that one would see when first joining the server.
  • On the las map, i made a adjusting enchanting room. If yall want then I can do that. For cool lighting looks, i am making a fighting chamber that has redstone lamps on the floor that can be turned off an on and it looks cool to me. Or set them on a clock and have them alternate flashing on and off. Just a thought. But yea, I would love to help out.
  • I like this idea, but have a few minor changes to the building rules...

    - all cobble for everything... ground, walls... replace all trees with tree-shaped cobble statues
    - all faces of all cobblestone without anything directly adjoining should have a naked torch attached

    Going to be GORGEOUS!
  • Would anyone be interested if I opened a enchanted weapons/ armor shop
  • Ok, will there be a certain theme? or just a nice bog-standard rural minecraftian village? If so can we try and refrain from making gaudy rainbow coloured buildings 'cos it just looks...'orrible and ugly. Also I would happily make a house/shop/corner shop but I am a bit caught up with making the perimeter wall for my complex.
  • Also, is this area in between asum's cacti wall and the small sliver of jungle? We are going to powerlevel that little sand delta with those cobble structures?
  • I humbly ask that the sand removed during any kind of building process be donated to me. I need a LOT of it.
  • Okles, in return, you give dirt to grass it over?
  • If I have enough, sure. I've used up my reserve for various grass-covered floors, but my mine should provide more.
    Offending structures have been torn down and I'm in the process of flattening the area. I've used all of mine and we still need half a crap-ton of dirt, so anyone who can spare some would be appreciated.

    Would those of you who intend to build things in the area please start staking off your build areas (please also label what the build will eventually be). You don't need to get construction underway right away, but knowing where stuff will be will make landscaping and planning for other folks easier.

    Asum, there's a chest full of sand in the staging house.
  • Cool, thanks! I have only a few stacks of dirt right now, but it's better than nothing I guess, so feel free to go through my chests.

    My plan is to put some walls or arches or something like that where the cactus fence is right now and add walkway(s) from my place to the area being developed. I can mark the approx. position(s) so that things can be planned out (I want stuff to be symmetrical at my end).

    Also, if anyone is planning on building towers, it might be a good idea to align them, so that they could be connected together (and if things look right, also with my tower(s), if they ever get done).
  • So what should we do? Roads first then build upwards?
    Also I thought we could build a canal through the middle with pathways and bridges crisscrossing it!
    And if we are going to start with roads, I will be more than happy to make them! ^_^
  • Feel free to start on the roads, Mat. Don't mind me. I'm just hitting things with a shovel until my eyes bleed.

    Plot them out however you think is best and we can kind of use that as a template for where other buildings need to go.

    Was thinking that we could also incorporate the river, the stonebrick building at the bend in the river and the lava tower into what we're doing if we have enough people working on it to keep up with the expanded build area.

    Was also thinking that the portion of the desert that has been mined out (yeah, that was me) around a small sand hill will make a neate Super Mario-style castle with lava flowing down the hill into the craggy wasteland below. But that's sort of a long term goal for me atm, and if someone else gets there first and does something else with it, then I wish them luck.
  • Ok, gotcha, ill just have to postpone my wall building to come start up the process >=}
  • Also, I will plan out any canal/river diverting that I will do. (ill also make a temp dirt house there)
  • I hope that was just a typo and that by dirt house you meant cobble house.
  • Right, basic roadplans are down, post here in this discussion for any criticisms/additions you may have.
  • ITS MY HOUSE GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hey everyone on this thread! town isn't happening because demondroidz is being selfish and patching over my dug-out roads.
  • Oh, nvm, war avoided...
  • i got a picture a work progress...
    don't ask how i got it because it's not important.
  • I will volunteer to build my highway (very nice) towards there and to construct a hotel/ restraunt I have a good plan for food that drops in from the ceiling on to a table ect, and or I could just build a giant mc clock with chimes ect. I'm like a master of redstone :) been making impressive digital displays on creative ect.
  • what about stone brick or smooth stone? it seems like everyone has a surplus of stone from mining, wouldn't want all that material to go to waste. plus i have no problem donating any and all materials to community projects such as this.
  • same i'm happy to farm and donate my materials since i already started helping at creating it.
  • The dirt cross will be a fountain and demon's old mine will be a community chest temple-thing courtesy of me and demon, also everybody that wants to reserve a plot of land post a comment. (also demon's old house may be demolished!)
    Also I was thinking that we could chop a few squares in 4 and make some nice shopfronts, like a downtown area.
  • I will need a medium to large space for a churchy/templish sort of structure.
  • Demondroidz is on it, he has already got a 40x20 space for a community temple thing.
  • can i have a plot of land that is 20x20
  • anyone can came 1 20x20 square and we may expand later, and the temple is going to take a while cos sever needs updating.

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