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Server Full?

Hey, so I've noticed something lately. The server population is growing, but the player limit isn't. :/
I love the server, so I won't mind if you leave it how it is, but it would be nice if we could fit just a few more people in. It's full almost every day at some point. Just a little something to think about.


  • At the end of the month when I renew & upgrade the server, I'll be bumping the player limit. Since we already hit the 2gb milestone on the donation drive, it will at least get bumped to 15. If we make it to 3gb I'll be bumping it to 20.

    I don't want to bump prior to then, because I think 10 players is already pushing the limit of what the server can handle with its current measly 1gb of RAM and there's not much point in letting more people on if nobody's having any fun with that many people on at once due to excessive lag anyway.
  • Ah, gotcha. Well that's understandable. Good luck with the donations!

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