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Greif Or Odd Build?

Found This:
On the map looks like someone had either covered a hill in cobble or solidified into cobble?
I was just wondering because it looks a bit ugly.


  • There's another one near the water. Looks like lava + water.
    Logs show 4rm1st3n playing with lava at both locations.
  • Yes, this is where 4rm1st3n lives. You can see a door on the side, he made this a few days ago. Well, ugly is such a harsh word, let's just say it looks different. I actually find it original. Please don't remove it.
  • Yeah, I apologise for the use of that word, I would try and refrain from using it otherwise.
  • this view of the land is sweet, how did you get this image?
  • Just go on the server map, move over the area that you want us to see, then paste the code thingy on the top (I just had a brain fart and forgot what it is called :S)

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