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Good map-related news everyone!

edited March 2012 in Technical Discussions
The special sign post markers have been re-implemented on the online map! You may need to clear your browser cache to see the sign button in the upper right.

The way they work now, you no longer need to start the sign with the special code, just include it anywhere in the sign text. This means you can do things like "Rudism's [H]ome", "Su[P]er Dooper Portal", or "Pa[LM] Tree Forest" and they'll still get earmarked to show up on the map.

There is no longer an option to show all signs, but if there's big enough demand for that I can bring it back (it just seemed kind of useless and cluttered on the old map so I left it out this time).


  • Let me be the first to say that this house marker is particularly awesome.

  • Hahaha xDD YAY!!!! That's my house xD there are actually 2 signs and one says [H] Mellow's and the other says [H] House. Glad you like it Rud.
  • Thank you RUDIOO!!
  • That is an awesome feature. Thanks!
  • There's a map of The End now too... though I have to admit I have no idea what the hell I'm looking at.
  • Cool to see an overview; my mental map was pretty accurate it seems. Why is the lighting so glitched though?
    You may notice that one of the higher pillars has more end-sand scaffolding than the others. It was the penultimate one and the bastard kept circling it and knocking me off. Majority of "asum is dead" notices and muted cursing was produced while trying to take that one :P .
  • Not sure why the lighting was so messed up, might just be a glitch with Overviewer. I changed it to re-render with no lighting at all now so it looks a little nicer.
  • much better actually!

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