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Server Upgrade Details

Thanks to generous donations from several community members, the server upgrade has now been applied.

We've been bumped from 1GB to 3GB of RAM which should reduce lag issues on the server. I've also bumped the max players from 10 to 20, but we'll see how it does if we ever actually get that many on at once (we may still want to tweak this down to 15 if it gets bad). The hard drive has also been bumped from 30GB to 105GB, which means more space for backups, so they're running every 2 hours now instead of the previous 4 hours.

Because the VPS had to be reset in order to get the full upgrade, it means I was assigned a new IP address as well. The upshot of this is that for some users the old address may not work for up to a day or so. If you find that you're unable to connect, try using instead. Don't bookmark that one though because should work for everyone again within a day (and I'll be disabling at some point once that happens).

Let me know if you see any other issues that may be related to the upgrade. Thanks everyone!


  • good news everyone!
  • Based on current drive space usage, we can afford to backup the map every hour and still be quite safe, so I've bumped it up again. TAKE THAT GRIEFERS!

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