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Katan's adventuring. All land which has been known to me is now passed to joshlalonde.

Just a quick comment here, I'll be adventuring far far away to find and entire continent and reign over like some deprived child. Any land which was previously owned by me is now in possesion of joshlalonde. Feel free to ask any questions.


  • I've now named this adventure...

    ...The quest for the leather pantaloon.
  • Why? I thought your Pantaloon collection was vast and plentiful?
  • but natural is what's in right now
  • Well, my quest was a massive SUCCESS! I'd like to not thank pizike82, who said I'd never do it. But I found myself a continent at time of posting. Asum2 thought he could trick me back to him, but he failed. When the map updates I'll become the single biggest landowner on the server! Not only that, but my leather pantaloons will now be distributed worldwide by me leather pantagoons.
  • edited May 2012

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