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Somebody grieved my house? and seemed to have take ownership of it?

edited April 2012 in Grievances
Previously, the house belonged to me and Markspark01, however, due to certain events Mark is no longer on the server, Mark therefore gave me full ownership of the house that we both created, and the belongings that we both collected.
Today, I have just logged into the the server (at 12.30 AM) and found that some of my belongings, for example, my diamonds (which there was 108 all together), had been taken, and it also appears that 'Katantunoro' has taken ownership of my house, as I saw that there was a sign outside on my house saying his name. I'm really sorry if I have been misunderstood, but from the changes I have seen, I don't think I have.


  • This is an unusual predicament and as normally I would see it as griefing. The fact is that mark has no say anymore, and I know you were friends so I do see the establishment as going toward your safe keeping. However I have seen chat logs of you knowingly going along with the actions of a player using hacks via Skype so Im going to stay out of this one.
  • This does not mean that you are not entitled to your things back however, only that the things you two owned were taken using hacks so it will take some discussion between us all. We will look into it, for time sake can you give me the xyz coord of the chest plz. You can PM me if you like. Thanks
  • I wasn't aware that the house under question was formerly Mark's, I thought it was Yuuki's and got accidentally looted along with other places.
    If it is Marks's former house then I say fair game for everyone, because (like pizike already pointed out):

    1. Mark has no say in this, meaning that him giving his stuff to someone doesn't mean anything.
    2. The "stolen" stuff there was obtained by means for which Mark was removed in the first place.
    3. Yuuki was well aware of what was going on. So, even if there were some Yuuki's things in Mark's place that were legit, well tough luck, should have known better. We can't determine anyway what was legit and what was from hacks there.

    Lousy situation, I know, but only people to blame are those who are no longer on this server.

    This is my view of the situation. Others (especially other admins) may feel differently. And I sincerely welcome any arguments against what I said above with different views of the situation. This is indeed a tricky one and I would like to settle it as peacefully as possible.
  • Hey, this is markspark, I'm on Yuuki's account just to clarify, that we built that house TOGETHER, therefore it is Yuuki's. Yuuki, my girlfriend, has been collecting the materials legit, she has not been using hacks, I think that's unfair that people have came into the house and have taken some stuff, and ownership of the house. People on the server knew that that house was mine and Yuuki's.
    Futhermore, me and Yuuki, do not use Skype to communicate and chat through, we use another chat program called Googletalk.
  • edited April 2012
    Here's my two cents on the situation:

    1. We are aware of several players who knew what was going on and said nothing, some of whom even participated to some degree or another, and we are not punishing any of them. Yuuki should be no exception.

    2. As she is still a member of the community, she deserves the same respect as any member does.

    That being said, Yuuki, as far as the house and property go, you absolutely still get to keep anything that you and Mark built together. Due to the circumstances I don't think it is appropriate to treat the looting as deliberate theft and griefing (just misguided over-eagerness). Nobody else will necessarily be punished, but I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on any materials that you say were legitimately yours that are missing. I will compensate you for anything not returned by the other players.
  • OK, I must have missed the "built together part". If the place under question was built and managed by BOTH Mark and Yuuki (not "given" by Mark afterwards) then I completely agree with Rudy.

    However, I see no practical way for other players to return the stuff unless they admit that they took it from a chest labeled "Yuuki's property" or something like that. Which means that compensation by an admin is probably the only option.
  • Thank you for your understanding, it means a lot. I don't mind starting from the beginning when it comes to collecting materials and ores, I rather enjoy mining anyway.
    Thank you Again,
  • Kat took the diamonds? he said to me that he had yukii's permission to take the stuff.
  • No he didn't, no one did -.- apparently he said that i told him 'that i was not going on the server anymore' aswell.

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