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A New Landmark, A New Town

Ladies and Gentlemen of Sitosis Minecraft,

I am currently constructing a large underground chamber. It is a project of my own, but once it is completed I'd like it to be more than that. It is a 40x40x40 chamber that I'd like the population of the server, at one point or another, and leave their mark. This can be accomplished by modest feats of architecture, statues, designs, or just a group design of some sort visualized and realized collectively. I hope to have this Landmark under my house that people can visit in order to sample the talents and tastes of all people on the server. I occupy the same space that our notorious cheaters have recently vacated, but I can assure you that all of my materials were acquired legitimately and the work put into this project has been significant. Members are welcome to bring their own materials, or simply take from the abundance that I have obtained from clearing a 40x40x40 space.
I hope to increase the renown of our little burg (recently dubbed Lysoria by Katan) and give people a reason to visit and motivation to settle. Our plan for growth is more organic than geometric. There are no predetermined plots, you simply build in an empty space with common courtesy and consideration of your neighbors. The walls will be expanded as necessary. I am acting Mayor, whatever that means to anyone, so just leave a comment or talk to me in-game if you're interested. I'll let it be known when the work on the chamber is complete and is ready for creative contributions. All assistance in this task would be much appreciated. If this first chamber is a success, another will be constructed in a symmetrical fashion. I hope to hear from or see many of you in the near future.



  • I would happily join to build a monument/house.
  • Sounds cool, are you going to list the coord here or put up a sign? Care if I build a Zelda dungeon sounding redstone thingy :D
  • I'll put something up too once it's ready. You should post a link to the map that points out where it is for anyone who wants to check it out or help with the excavation.
  • a Zelda dungeon sounds amazing, coords are roughly -1400, -1700. I also put a LM sign up that says "Heart of Sitosis" it may look like it's pointing at the watermelon patch but it's actually underground :D
  • I'm there right now (used the bed in one of your guestrooms). It's looking pretty epic. Do you want help clearing the room out still? Looks like there's still some work to do before it's ready for people to start building there.

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