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Server down?

the server has been down all day today, in the multiplayer menu it says "can't reach server" am i the only one having this problem? does anyone know why it's doing this?


  • it's happening to me too
  • I have also noticed the issue. It stopped working for me last night.
  • for every hour that i am forced to play on another server, another piece of me dies inside
  • Doesn't work for me either :(
  • someone tell rudy? he can put a ticket in and have it re-booted
  • back up now
  • The log was showing that the MCBans server was down - could that have been the reason?
  • Doubt it, this has been often the case, but logins were still possible. Its a mystery - one we will never ever unravel or talk about!
  • You sound suspicious, reopru. What did you do?!
  • It keeps going down. Been trying to get on the last few hours.
  • it did say that the bukky thing was out of date, and it went down on me last night, ooOO that sounds dirty... haha
  • where iz ze server?
  • I was going to be mad about it being down but I can play elsewhere.
  • i guess i'm saying the obvious, but it's down again
  • i'm guessing there might be a problem with something on the server. no idea what, but there's probably something.
  • I sent rudy a message/comment so hopefully he will get to it when he can :P
  • Let's face it - Rudi has forsaken us. The server is on fire and the end is nigh. Panic!
  • edited June 2012
    It's up! And also the server is working again :P .
  • i don't get it
  • I'll take a look today and make any necessary updates, etc. I'm ass-deep in the middle of moving to a new house right now which is why I've been a little hands-off the last couple weeks.
  • I upgraded bukkit and the plugins that had new versions out, and rebooted the server in case there were memory leak issues going on. Hopefully it'll be smoother sailing for a while now. Keep me updated if there are still problems.
  • will do and thx for the updates

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