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Roll Call! Deadline: Oct. 1, 2011

edited October 2011 in News and Announcements
Since the forum is new, there's no need to reply to this post to participate in this roll call (although you can if you want). Simply applying for an account using the same name as your Minecraft username is all that is required. Any players who haven't created an account by Oct. 1, 2011 will be pruned from the whitelist under the assumption that they no longer actively participate on the server.

I will not be holding roll calls frequently (maybe one every few months or so), and it is entirely to satisfy my OCD desire to keep the whitelist uncluttered.


  • Can you post who was taken off the whitelist and how many people are on it at the end of each one? Fun information :P
  • Yeah I'll add that info to the end of this thread come October.
  • im still active but too day im getting dead island for xbox so ill be on that if anyones got it and wants to play add me my gamertag is demondroidz same as my name on this!
  • The following whitelisted players do not yet have forum accounts, and the deadline has passed. If anyone knows a good reason not to remove any of these names from the whitelist, please speak up some time in the next couple days:

  • edited October 2011
    The following whitelisted players have a forum account, but have not yet logged into the server at all. I won't be removing them now, but if there's no activity on them before the next roll call, they will most likely be removed:


    I archive 90 days worth of server logs, so my plan is to run an activity check approximately every 3 months, and if there are any whitelisted players who haven't logged in at all or posted on the forum during the last 90 days, they may get cleaned from the whitelist. That puts the next role call at around Jan. 1, 2012.
  • These are the remaining whitelisted players who both have forum accounts and have logged into the server at least once:


    (Also poknow and leilan, who don't have forum accounts or play that often, but they're real life friends/family so they get to stay whitelisted anyway :).

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