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Reporting trespassing/attempted theft

edited October 2011 in Grievances
I recently set up a redstone system to catch intruders, it had been triggered 2 days before this. I thought nothing of it as a zombie could of somehow spawn on it, but when I logged on today it had been triggered and my door and fence gate was open and only other players can do that o_O. Since my things are hidden nothing was lost


  • Do you have a sign requesting no trespassing? If you don't I suggest putting one up. As far as I understand it, most people on this server don't mind people exploring their creations (assuming nothing is damaged or stolen). Additionally just because someone went into your house, doesn't mean they attempted to steal, or intended to steal.
  • same o0marklo0 made me the same trap as i know him in real life but every time i check it sum one has been in my house and i have lost a lot of coal and iron but i dont know what time as iv been playing dead island alot
  • this is something i may be able to help on. many days ago when i was waching my brother, rockser play minecraft he gt bored and decidd to go into high security places. he did not steal an was amazed by many houses.
  • edited April 2012
    If there's no "stay away" sign then everyone can look, but stealing is not OK. If stuff is missing, make a complaint giving coords and approx time. We can then check the log.

    Also, if you make deadly traps, you MUST put up a sign telling people to keep away. Otherwise, it could be considered a deliberate attack on other players.

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