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Extreme grief!!!

edited October 2011 in Grievances
At some point between 4 and 5pm pacific Rowdy's house was set on fire. I was a few km out and was unable to respond in time for damage control, sorry Rowdy. I did take a pic of your place from the server map zoomed in on full, its not much but if you need a visual reference for rebuilding I can send it to you.
During the same period Ayernan (sp? sry) reported that his diamonds had been stolen. I had to log out shortly there after.
When I returned at approximately 8:30pm pacific I found most of the city of cathedral on fire. My house was completely torched and Matman's was still on fire. I put out the flame on Matman's house but there was still extensive damage.
I'm going to log back in to see if any further griefing has taken place and will update this post with what I find.


  • All of the nether gates connected by the hellrail have been disabled the perp removed one block from each gate inside the nether.
  • Just died and lost all my diamond tools in nether lava trying to fix the gates, this griefer can go fuck themselves.
  • Oh wow, yeah my place is fucked :( Thanks for trying to save it Trask. Well I guess at least it's a fairly narrow window to find the culprit/roll back.
  • Havent had a chance to look on the server to see damage, at school right now, told rudy on reddit, rowdy if you need moar wood/cobble to rebuild my picks and axes are at your disposal hope my place hasent been hit, hopefully rudy will have a backup to rollback.
  • This makes me really angry we r just trying to play minecraft and some idiot comes along and spoils it >={
  • I'll investigate/rollback this morning. Stay tuned.
  • edited September 2011
    Here's usage for the full 4 hours between backups where the damage occurred:
    Traskius: 34.2 mins
    greenpancake: 10.8 mins
    jordon20: 0.7 mins
    Zamadatix: 0.9 mins
    xxQuadraxx: 29.0 mins
    Ayernan: 124.4 mins
    kirottu: 7.5 mins
    capmanjellyfish: 2.2 mins
    Gladeon: 121.3 mins
    jrooler: 21.3 mins
    If I narrow it down to the 1 hour window that Traskius gave, it looks like this:
    Traskius: 34.2 mins
    Gladeon: 45.5 mins
    jrooler: 21.3 mins
    xxQuadraxx: 1.1 mins
    Ayernan: 31.2 mins
    Since I don't have much time this morning I've removed everyone on the second list except for Traskius from the whitelist... Gladeon, jrooler, and xxQuadraxx are all very new members. Ayernan is a pre-forum member but has not yet created a forum account. I'll try to get in touch with these guys. If anyone's willing to vouch for any of them (character references) then please let me know.

    The map has been rolled back to 9/27/2011 16:00 EST, so around 16 hours was lost. If anyone mined materials during that time that they want back I'm willing to compensate, just let me know.
  • Best-server-admin-ever!
  • I'll second that!
  • good but i think i lost a few iron and 2 and a bit stacks of wood
  • oh no i didnt there in the wrong chest soz
  • I lost 2 stacks of coal D:
  • Thanks Rudism. You're the best!
  • edited September 2011
    Based on further scrutiny of the logs, Ayernan and Gladeon have been re-added to the whitelist (please note that this was a blanket shut-out due simply to the fact that I didn't have enough time to do a proper investigation this morning, and none of these players were necessarily under heavy suspicion).

    I can't be 100% certain as to who actually started the fire, but jrooler was clearly using speed/fly hacks, and xxQuadraxx was trying to use /give and other mod commands the whole time he was logged on. Both of these users are banned now.

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