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1.3 Update

edited August 2012 in News and Announcements
I'll be trying out a 1.3 dev build of bukkit for the server this evening, as soon as I've figured out the implications to our plugins.

As of now we are still on 1.2.5.

I'll post updates to this thread.


  • It looks like there are enough bugs and plugin compatibility reports for bukkit at this stage that I don't feel comfortable upgrading to their dev 1.3 builds yet.

    So there are two options:

    1. Stick with 1.2.5 at least until Bukkit releases a stable or release build of 1.3 (they don't give ETAs, but I would be surprised if it was longer than a day or two from now--however even at that point our security plugins may not be compatible yet), or

    2. Go to vanilla 1.3 for the time being.

    The implications of 2 are that the server will effectively be in wild west mode--vastly reduced ability for the admins to identify theft and griefing, and zero ability to roll anything back other than the entire map to a previous backup.

    For now I am sticking to option 1 by default, because switching to vanilla at this point will break many things on the server which will require fixing (the online map, automatic map backups, different map directory structure used by bukkit, etc).

    Feel free to chime up in this thread with your opinion if you want to convince me that option 2 is the better way to go. If we do decide on option 2, we will have to come up with a blanket policy on grief response/map rollbacks so that people can know what to expect.
  • While I would love to play 1.3 faster, I won't be seriously exploring until the 15th or 16th. I personally vote for the more protective option 1, because I am a paranoid, along with this though, I have already updated my client to 1.3 so I won't be able to play until the upgrade.
  • Also, could I request a downloadable copy of the world we are currently using? I just want to try some building plans out to make sure I will like them before implementing when the server goes up.
  • I'm hesitant to offer something like that since it will also allow people to cheat on the current map (locate ore caches, people's hidden stashes, etc.)

    I'm not saying you'd do any of those things, but it's kind of an unspoken policy until now that maps won't be made available until after they're decommissioned.
  • Going to install the latest 1.3 bukkit dev release today.
    Fingers crossed that nothing major breaks. Come on by and test it out if you're around this weekend.
  • I just logged on for a few minutes, AntiCheat warned me for using hacks, unless painterlypack is no longer allowed that is all that I am using to my knowledge that could possibly cause a problem. I don't even play on any modded servers or anything like that. I just wanted to clear my name here before continuing to play, because I would rather not get banned.
  • Texture packs (excluding x-ray and such) are certainly allowed. The warning might have been due to lag. In some cases AntiCheat mistakes that for movement/flight etc hacks.
  • I have been encountering some issues with the 1.3, i have been randomly teleported to different places, e.g., a cave system directly beneath me, into a block a few blocks down, and most recently, off a bridge over lava in the nether. the last one caused me to lose 5 diamonds worth of stuff. any idea what is causing this, or how to fix it?
  • There are plenty of such reports all over reddit. It seems there is an issue with the portals, people end up falling out of the world or teleport at some random spots. Adds a bit of adventure to the game I guess :)
  • Some other bugs that I have encountered:
    -Glitch hopping/turning around when jumping for no apparent reason
    -teleporting back several steps randomly
    -cats/dogs STILL randomly teleport to you
  • I keep getting a sudden 90 degree turn when running+hopping, maybe some slight change in position also, hard to tell.
  • yes. all of that.
    also, i change my vote to 'i am ready for a new map.'
  • I'll keep up with the bukkit dev releases the best I can, which might clean up some of the bugs as time goes on. Once things are a little more stable, we can hold a re-vote on the map if it sounds like enough people changed their minds.
  • Yeah, a new voting might be a good idea indeed ..
  • edited August 2012
    Please, no more votes! Let's just either get a new map or not, NOW. If the result of the previous voting is not good enough for some strange reason, then let's flip a coin or something. It will still be better than endlessly waiting for a decision, not building anything because the map may or may not get reset.
  • I agree with asum, but I don't see why the old vote would be insufficient, the patch hasn't even reached a stable build yet.
  • I'm also inclined to side with asum. Last vote pretty much clinched it for no new map (it was about a 50/50 split between everyone who voted).

    I am curious though, from those of you who have done some exploring... how are the boundaries between the old map and new map? Do they blend well? Or has the terrain generation changed enough that it's very obvious/chunky?
  • I've updated to the latest dev release of bukkit for 1.3 again, and managed to re-enable mcbans. Hopefully they knocked out some bugs that were causing issues before. Still waiting for a release or even a beta version though, so expect issues to continue.
  • I dont know. flip a coin? is that really the best idea?
    can we write out our options then roll an appropriately number-sided die or something? tribunal? convocation? who is my area representative for this?
  • I still vote for a new map
  • I don't know about tribunals, but we could have an election for representatives who would vote on a question of having a general assembly where the necessity of the new vote on the map reset could be decided. Democratic process FTW!
  • I am all for the democratic process, but we have a small enough community where it allows each person to represent their own opinions.
  • Meh. I'm not so bothered anymore. I haven't been active recently because of things...I'm bored of the map we have quite frankly and would embrace whatever the community wants.
  • I'm guessing that many people stay away for that exact reason. Moving away from spawn still leaves the old stuff there, which in a strange way might keep the 'old and boring' feeling about the map. Also, migrating to look for new worlds makes people even more scattered than they currently are.

    On the other hand - I think this is the best map yet on Sitosis. Then again, it doesn't mean much if people feel it's old and boring ...
  • It definitely is an awesome map. Mainly due to the amazing FSM church.
  • Well one thing is for sure - I am lost in the nether with tons of glowstone.
    Also when you see walls like this, does it mean I win?
  • yes I think that means you win reo, I have been absent lately due to a vaction, and.... I started a new single player world :P, kinda bored too I guess. I have been breeding Testificates this past week hehe.
  • edited August 2012
    oh and with the ability to go into/out of creative on survival, I have started making zelda like dungeons around my map :P hopefully one day I will forget them so they will be fun to run through. trip wires are awesome on off switches for rooms. saves a lot of time not reloading dispensers.
  • A Bukkit release version was put out this morning, so we are updated to that now.
  • So, incase anyone is interested, we have a functional trading village that is quite well populated.
    Has anyone found any of the new structures?

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