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Redstone Lab

edited August 2012 in General
I have decided to start a section here for anyone needing redstone advice or help. I make all kinds of stuff using redstone so ask away if you have a need. If you want to hire a Redstone Helper to come do the work, let me know and we can discuss a fair trade.


  • Quick question, do you know of any good way to make a compact redstone clock tied to in game time? more specifically, I'm trying to build a firework launcher that goes off every 6 in-game hours, so sunrise, noon, sunset, and midnight.
  • Maybe the light sensor might come in handy?
  • Light sensor would be best, redstone will turn off if know one is 'x' number of chunks away, so a timer wouldn't be accurate. Also you would have to re-set a piece everytime that happens. (aka logging in/out) Best to use the day light sensor, and maybe make an on/off switch for the nighttime that you can activate when your on. and active.

    Actually the best thing would be a command block, but the only way to get those is via an admin giving you one. Which it's vanilla MC :(
  • ok. I suppose I could try to rig up a large series of repeaters to delay the signal for the noon/midnight ones. I'll mess around with it in creative single player.
  • I could design something for you, but really "messing" around with redstone is how I learned how to use it well. That and youtube tutorials. After awhile you start getting ideas and mocking them up in creative. Remember to make it large first, then try to do the same thing the smallest/best way possible. That will help you out a lot, smaller is better, esp when making it in survival. But really almost every redstone thing I make, I make it atleast a few times in creative first.

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