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Map Reset Policy Discussion

edited August 2012 in Community Discussions
I'd like to come up with a more official policy on map resets. Here are some ideas I've thought about (in no particular order), please chime in with opinions and any suggestions of your own:

1. Stick with the current scheme: vote on a new map whenever a new major version of Minecraft comes out, only reset the map if the vote gets 50%+ of the votes. If the vote fails we wait until the next major version to re-vote.

2. Similar to current scheme, but re-vote at fixed intervals (i.e., every 2 or 3 months) instead of waiting for new Minecraft versions.

3. Hold a "sticky" ongoing vote (probably via an in-game plugin) where users register as a "yes" or "no" to a new map, and can change their mind whenever they want. As soon as the yes players outnumber the no players by some arbitrary ratio (i.e., 2 to 1) and holds steady for some arbitrary time frame (i.e. 1 month) we reset the map. The vote would probably be reset at fixed intervals (i.e., every 2 or 3 months) so that inactive players can't skew the numbers.

4. Don't vote, just reset the map at fixed intervals (i.e., every 6 months).


  • I like option #3, been thinking about suggesting something like that myself. It would be like a live meter that shows how bored people are with the current map. The tricky bit will be choosing those arbitrary numbers.

    And yes, in-game plugin would be best - experience has shown that many players don't really go to the forum that often or even if they do, notifications and polls just seem to go unnoticed.
  • i like numbers 2 and 3
  • i like 1 or 3
  • I like 3 as well.
  • Ok, how about this? We use 2, on a sticky plugin in number 3, but the vote also stands on updates.

    4 is kind of stupid.
  • I think #3 is viable as long as we make the time to vote shorter. I know that if I want to reset the map, I don't want to have to wait 2 months before it happens. 2-3 weeks seems like a better time frame in my opinion.
  • I'll start researching options and try to implement something for #3 this weekend. Hopefully I'll have time!

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