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Post 1.3 mob grinders

edited August 2012 in Technical Discussions
Just moving this discussion here from the trading thread ...

Anyway, it seems that the problem lays in the fact that mobs shut down their AI if they are more than 16 blocks away from a player. The reports I have been reading (no links, just some random googling, sorry) seem to indicate that mobs still spawn, but just don't move around. So, pistons or water is needed to 'flush' the grinder.

I'm hoping I can augment my existing mob tower without too much trouble, but if not, then I propose we pool our resources and build a decent high-output community grinder.


  • edited August 2012
    This is no problem, I am willing to use my mob tower as material, I have a better location in mind anyway, plus retro fitting mine will be like making a new one anyway.

    the center of this ocean is perfect for building a mob tower, as most would spawn in the tower, bc they cannot over water = higher product.

    we will need to light caves underneath etc. of course = higher product

    And I was thinking, mob drop at bottom, possibly bedrock level, with a push button potion dispenser so as to collect XP as well. *edit* sort of like my skelly xp farm but for everything.

    definatly a toilet bowl flush mechanism grinder using dispensers ( less lag than pistons)

    I will probably make it accesible by the nether as well, that seemed to be the best way last map.

    I will try to come up with something on creative in a bit, thoughts?
  • I prefer 'passive' grinders where mobs just fall into channels, because with large grinders water tends to be glitchy, especially on servers. For example, my grinder is covered with water and on occasions when I had to remove it, just getting rid of the few source blocks above didn't actually make all of the water to go away. This is something to consider when testing stuff on SP creative.

    However, to get any significant yield, I think we have to use water or pistons to push the mobs. Because, mobs don't fall from higher than 1 block, meaning the channels are shallow enough for the mobs to get out. You could compensate for it making the spawner larger, but now a passive spawner can't be more than 16 blocks from the player.

    So, our options are:

    a) Big spawner, flush, hope for the best
    b) Big spawner, several players standing still or one player in a minecart, moving around to keep the mob AI working

    I do like the location. However we have to scout a bit - there's a place there where you got some materials from, remember ;) ? That might get in a way.
  • Any idea if this was an intentional change by mojang to break mob grinders?
  • Don't know, but I don't think they would just suddenly ruin a big part of the gameplay. More likely it was to just limit the resource usage, I hope ...
  • Could be intentional, or perhaps a by-product of making the game better via AI. However my new flush machine is working awesome with only 3 floors, actually half of 3 floors, yielded around 15 mobs per flush with in seconds of turning it on (turning off peaceful mode in creative) I call it the toliet bowl :P because the water flushes all the way down, still working on a more effective kill system and a way to sort out and kill spiders faster than potions, (that takes too many potions) and it seems creepers are immune to the effects of potions that kill other stuff. I'll post a video tomorrow or tonight so you can see what I'm working with.
  • could be a way of decreasing lag, mobs far away and their movement not going through your cpu would make things smoother.
  • Rockser11 and I have created a working mob grinder ( currently two stories) and it will kill any mobs that spawn inside it, however, It can be very slow we this is due to our location relative to the spawner. Does anyone know a good place to be for a 16x16 block mob grinder. Ours also functions off pistons and flushing.
  • I got one here,

    Still expanding it, but it is operational, has currently 14 floors that are 16 x 15 in size. The wierd stone to the side is the new part which will double it.

    I have an on switch and I have it "flushing" the whole thing every ~5min then a period of ~ 10 flushes which last about 10 sec a pop. This seems to be the optimal period of time to move a mob via water across one floor, kills everything. Also I included a nice viewing window at the bottom :P

    I plan to Fraps it in a video with me in creative so you can see the insides but my hotkey to make videos seems to not work no matter which key it is. I will try to work on this and get back to ya.

    Oh yeah and its built over water to help increase the spawning rate inside. A must when making high volume grinders.
  • Works great by the way, Rockser should have a stack of TNT soon, got around 4 tacks of gunpowder from it already.
  • here is a video of the workings and inside, it's a bit dark inside but use ur imagination :P

  • Imagination ... I imagine a unicorn frolicking in a field of turnips. Am I doing it right? :P

    Anyway, cool! So, the redstone needs a loaded chunk to work, and vertical distance from a player is not important (unlike the new mob AI)?

    Also, I saw a design somewhere that used tripwires to activate The Great Flush. Which surprised me, as I thought tripwires needed to be reset after activation.
  • Nah tripwires keep on working unless destroyed by water or shears etc. I made a skelly grinder using tripwires that shut off at XP lvl 30, think I saw the idea somewhere, and tried to make it myself, pretty easy but not really practical. Im usually not too mad if I go over when farming xp :P
  • edited September 2012
    oh yes, I'm asum-ing (haha) the new AI for mobs extends vertically. Else why would our old grinders not work as well, unless maybe they are moving up there, and just have updated AI to not jump off the ledge etc.

    edit: think of tripwires like pressure plates, same mechanics basically different orientation.
  • No, see my post at the top. Outside a certain radius from a player mobs still spawn but shut down their AI and stop moving after X seconds.

    I think I've seen mobs standing still in the desert and starting to move only when I get close ...

    And about that XP grinder - how do you detect the XP level to shut the process down?
  • same way as a normal xp grinder, latter them up so they fall etc. towards the bottom you run a trip wire through the fall shaft, each hit it gets is a mob, x number of mobs is 30 xp levels depending on the type of spawner, counter triggers piston to close shaft, rest button starts it over again. you still have to throw a potion at them but atleast there is no waist, its something like 130 skellys roughly.

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