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Breeding Villagers

edited August 2012 in General
After building a rail 1000+ blocks to a village, and getting them back. I did not know they would breed away from the village. Here are some screen shots of baby villagers born in my castle. (about 3 in the firt 2 nights) whoo hoo!


  • edited August 2012
    Awww, pizike, this is so cute! You went through all this trouble and now you have a lovely family as neighbours. Haha, I only hope they have nice things to offer, or they might get evicted by their very own landlord!
  • yeah I forgot, iron golems don't like it when you hit the villagers, lost 40 xp and got to fly through the air :P I now just let the crappy offers run the streets at night :D
  • What were you doing saving up to 40XP?! Always use it at 30, because it is much harder to collect 30 to 40 XP compared to 0-10. And the max. enchantment level is 30 anyway, so it makes no sense to collect more than 30. Those additional 10 levels (30 to 40) could've been enough for a whole new 0-30 charge.

    What a waste pizike, I am disappointed!
  • yeah I was being lazy, trying to decide on what I wanted to enchant, guess I have more time to think about it now haha

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