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Death glitch/Restore

I've been having a lot of trouble with servers on my computer, for reasons unrelated to the server itself (my router... sucks). I've been doing my best to play despite being regularly kicked out and unable to interact with blocks/chests/anything at all, really. It doesn't bother me usually, I just disconnect and refresh a few times. But today I was glitched out for like the 15th time, and when I came back, it said I had died, and I was falling through open space. Clearly this was a glitch and I wasn't actually killed, but I was wondering:

-Is there any way we could restore my character to before that glitch occurred and I lost everything,
- Does anyone have any idea how to fix this horrible glitching that my computer/router is doing? It happens with all servers.

Thanks <3


  • oh that's why you kept logging on and logging out like a million times. Srry, im not sure how to fix that...
  • The player state cannot be restored if you have logged back on after the incident. Make a list of the stuff you lost and contact an admin in-game.

    About your connection issues - it does sound like it's on your side. Could be MANY different reasons. How's the connection in general? Do you get disconnected from other games/services or just Minecraft?
  • It might be worth uninstalling the Java runtime on your computer and reinstalling the latest version clean to see if that helps.
  • Thanks guys, seems to be working for now!

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