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New Map Voting

edited October 2012 in News and Announcements
Next time you log in, you'll probably be greeted by a message saying you haven't voted for a new map yet. This is our new in-game voting system for map resets. These are the commands you can type while playing:

/vote yes
This will register you as voting for a new map.

/vote no
This will register you as wanting to keep the current map.

/vote info
This will tell you how many yes or no votes have currently been cast, and what you voted for (and when you voted for it).

Your vote is good for 31 days. After that you'll get a message saying that your vote has expired and asking you to re-vote.

A lot of players have asked for a map reset recently, so make sure to get on and make your vote count. In 2 weeks (Saturday Nov. 3) if the yes votes outnumber the no votes by at least 2 to 1, a new map will be generated.


  • edited October 2012
    BTW I plan on setting up a way to view the current vote results via the website, but it may take some time.

    Edit: Guess it didn't take that much time after all... results in the sidebar should be accurate to within 15 minutes.
  • Just wondering: "A lot of players have asked for a map reset recently", I'm assuming that means in-game chat? Because forum has been quiet for a while now.
  • Yeah a handful of players have expressed their desire for a new map on the rare occasion that they've caught me online. Hopefully the new vote will help suss out whether it's a vocal minority or if most active players really have grown tired of the current map.
  • I too have grown tired of our map, tis a good map, the best so far imo
  • im just gonna come out and say it: new update=new map
  • When is the update due out?
  • It is out now! Downloading as we speak ...
  • We'll have to wait for Bukkit to catch up to the new version (I expect it'll happen over the weekend). We could also do some Halloween-type stuff this weekend prior to a new map.
  • That would mean temporarily running the vanilla server, as everyone who still plays MC, has most likely already upgraded and probably wouldn't want to reinstall the previous version.
  • I'm down for some vanilla action!
  • All right then. So, what - a Halloween-themed custom/adventure map? I hear Vechs will release a map of such kind (called Pantheon, or something), but that won't happen by this weekend ...
  • We could do some temporary small-scale pvp, you know, like not just go very far from spawn and slaughter each other.

    This opinion was voiced by warzorack "putting the laughter back in manslaughter"
  • lets do some killing hehe
  • Others share my computer & MC has already been updated. New map? Yes, please! Plus, maybe we could have some more mutual city planning in advance.
  • I've updated too, working out plans for my new "secret" base on creative. Course I will need a starter home I suppose in a nice town or city. :)
  • edited October 2012
    If temporarily running vanilla is an option, then let's just generate a new map while the update is still fresh and people are eager to play. The votes seem to be rather conclusive, I seriously doubt than in the next few days the result will change.
  • I'm hoping to wait for the bukkit update before generating a new map, but if it takes too long we can screw it and go early.

    Another option could be taking a final backup of this map, then updating to vanilla on this map and let people go to town on it for a while until bukkit gets updated. Free flint and TNT for all.
  • i like that idea :P
  • Haha that sounds good, cause I'm going out tonight, don't want to see what y'all do to my poorvillagers, oh, idea... Put one zombie in and watch the infection spread through th castle haha. Course you would have to let them out.
  • Sounds great.
  • Taking a final backup now, then I'll be bringing the server up on vanilla 1.4.
  • Do you have a scheduled time/date that you'll be releasing the new map? I'd like to express that I'd prefer it be in the evening (after 6 for all US time zones) if on a weekday. That way, hopefully, most of us will be returned from work & have a fair chance of getting a plot. Also, that the map overview be issued before open-season on the new map. Your thoughts?
  • Map overview is only possible for land that has been generated, i.e. someone has already been there. In any case, from previous experience, I would say that any planning ahead usually doesn't really work. You just go out and see what catches your eye.
    Also, it's a good idea to clearly mark you claimed land with signs (cactus fences also work well) as many people don't really visit the forum and a post in the land claim thread may go unnoticed.
  • Can't an Admin fly around a 1000x1000 area first, to generate the chunks? That's a whole lot of wandering around to find something, then later when you see the map, you don't like where you live.
  • Anyone want to hunt down a village with me, when we start?

    I've noticed the villagers often are turned into zombies bc of the nature of the shitty town creation.

    I want to renivate a town and make it prosperous kind of like sim city I guess.

    Anyway if anyone finds one early let me know, and I'll make it a good trading hub for all to enjoy. Or if anyone wants to help etc. just let me know.
  • If the bukkit beta is released on a weekday, it'll be after 6pm EST before I get a chance to install it and generate the new map in any case.

    If you want to follow along, here's the bukkit downlaod page:

    You'll notice they already have a bunch of 1.4.2 dev builds, as soon as the first beta is released I'll pop that up on the server and generate a map with it. If it takes longer than another couple days then I'll probably get tired of waiting and use one of the dev builds.

    As for the overviewer map, I suppose I can do a quick fly-around after generating the new world so that people can see a bit more than a 64x64 square on the first overviewer render.

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