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edited November 2012 in General
When i try to log in i get this error;
internal exception java.ioexception bad packet id 68.
I cannot find a solution in the interwebs. any help?


  • have you tried saving your single player worlds and screenshots separatly (backing them up) and installing a fresh version of MC on your computer, takes like 5 min.
  • i did that for a different problem recently, but i'll try it again.
  • ok, i tried that, it didn't help, same problem.
  • edited November 2012
    ok, i've traced the problem to the area i live in. no mater what acount, it breaks when entering that area. I had my player file reset, and ended up at spawn just fine, but when i get near my home, it kicks me off with the same message. i tried with my sister's acount, when i got near my home, it kicked me with the same message.
  • edited November 2012
    so it's not with your home, that would actually be pretty cool, but with the reading of the code perhaps. Have you tried repairing your java files
  • It seems that rockser's serverside player data file gets corrupted every time this happens. When I deleted the file, he was able to log in until the bad packet error kicked everyone off the server and he couldn't log in again.
  • oooOOOO, he is the... "one" rockser I told you to quit taking those red and blue pills!
  • edited November 2012
    What if the real world was the minecraft world and the real world is the fake world....Rockser somehow is waking up in a pool of goo,

    Mind blown....
  • ^ what

    Asum, you broke the server, whenever someone logs in there's a chance that it kicks everyone off.
  • It's been doing that for a couple of days now. And it seems to be worse around midnight (EU time).
  • Is it a problem with the map, or a bug in the server? I checked and there haven't been any new beta (or even dev) releases of bukkit since the one we're on right now.
  • We are not alone in this thing: .
    Looks like a bukkit bug.
  • I'm having the same issue, as I live with rockser11
  • This bug appears to be patched in version 1.4.4, at least there is mention of the error message i get being fixed. 1.4.4 will be released sometime next week.
  • Wait a minute - so whenever anyone goes to visit rockser's place, the server crashes?
    And I am wasting my time sitting at my boring place, where nothing ever happens???
    Dammit guys, such things should be announced with blinking red letters on the frontpage! Now someone will fix it before I get to enjoy it, ahaha
  • I have the same problem. I can connect. there is no problem with loading. but once i connect i get the bad packet problem. i hope this gets fixed soon
  • where were you when that started happening?
  • He was passing by our borders.
  • Specifically, I entered your portal to get to my home in waiting. The mountain across the ocean.
  • well, 1.4.4 is out now so it should be fixed
  • Can someone delete my player data?

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