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Attention Would-Be Thieves and Griefers

edited October 2011 in News and Announcements
We've had a string of thefts lately, so in an effort to stop this behavior from happening, I have coded a small modification into the server that records all chest accesses (time, player name, location) to the server log. If you steal from another player's chest, you will be easily identified and permanently banned.

The new code also logs placement of TNT blocks, starting of fires, and dumping of lava. None of these activities are illegal, but if you do them with the intent to destroy other players' creations or property, you will be easily identified and permanently banned.

To the rest of you, I hope this brings a little peace of mind. If anything is ever stolen from one of your chests, send me a rough timeframe and approximate coordinates of the chest in question (which can be seen on the screen when you press F3), and I'll help track the thief down.


  • Nice Rudi!
  • One other thing I should mention, if you have a special/hidden chest that you keep valuables in, plus other chests that you allow anyone access too, make sure they're not close together (try to keep them 20-30 meters apart at a minimum), since the only way I can tell chests apart is by physical distance from one another.
  • thanks rudism
  • oOmarkOo' old house looks like it has been greifed or he might ove demolished it idk and ANDREWASEOM said to me that his house and chest had been raided/greifed
  • someone destroyed my portal.. and looks like they tried to rebuild it afterwards or something..
  • yeah my computer broke and when I got it fixed and came on theirs nothing were my house should be even stole the floor >:(
  • my old house I mean
  • Crazy. Unfortunately there's not much I can do to track it down unless you think the use of fire, lava, or TNT was involved (or if you had chests in the old house, I could check if they were accessed prior to being destroyed).
  • Rudism I farted in Mats house :( I am ashamed will i be banned for this offence?
  • as long as it didnt ignite, thats fine
  • It was wet and runny
  • so you say (rud, 6 oct) i can destroy houses with pick axes or runny shits and i wont be caught?
  • I can't make any guarantees.
  • I might have looked in ReallyFancy's chests just to have a look, we know each other and are friendly with each other, so it was not done to be a griefer or anything, just they let me in their house and I was looking around, and maybe in the chests. I do not know if it is bannable for that, though that would seem very very very very very strict.
  • Also, I did not actually take anything that I know of, I was just looking, that should not be a problem, just letting you know if the files show that I accessed them, that is why.
  • No worries, accessing chests in and of itself is not a problem. The logging is mainly there to help the admins in the event of an actual reported theft. We don't really pro-actively monitor that stuff unless an actual incident occurs.
  • yes so following that logic, it is my practice to not look in chests. that way my name is never under suspicion if there IS a theft and the access logs are reviewed. i recommend that for others, too
  • I like the idea of "look but don't touch" (unless given permission of course). Meaning, if there are no "do not enter" or similar signs CLEARLY VISIBLE (I'm talking about you, the lava trap man!) at someone's house, then go ahead and look around, but to respect the owner's privacy, don't open any chests or press any buttons.
  • I'm in the process of porting my logging code over to Bukkit so that we can plug it into the 1.2 server.

    This should also mean no more gruelingly long "open season" periods like this whenever there's a new update that breaks the plugin, since Minecraft will be getting its own API written by the bukkit devs in upcoming releases.
  • Server's been moved to bukkit with my logging mod as the sole active plugin, meaning we'll have an easier time catching griefers again now.

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