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Griefing investigation

edited October 2011 in Grievances
Edit: I've reached out to *** since it sounds like he might not have been the type of player to do this maliciously.

Edit 2: I'm satisfied with the user's explanation that it was his friend logging into his account without his knowledge. Not banning anyone for now, and he's changing his password. Removing usernames from this thread to protect the innocent.

I've traced a bunch of random damage back to a four hour period on the evening of 8/27/2011, during which it appears *** was the only user to connect for longer than a minute or two. The ban list is now published on the website to help warn other server admins. The map has been rolled back to pre-griefing state. Since activity is so low in this lull leading up to 1.8, I don't think much work was lost (if any), but if anybody would prefer that I revert back to the griefed map I'm willing to cooperate.


  • Really, it was him? i never would've known, he was nice too
  • edited September 2011
    If it had anything to do with my house/the random pile of iron and gold in the water you are mistaken. I placed signs on the pile saying the first person to find them gets all of my stuff until 1.8 drops. Later I checked back and saw that someone had found it so I went to the site with the signs and *** had put a sign saying "thanks a lot" or something there.

    If it was something else, very well :P.
  • edited September 2011
    Someone flooded my tower with water, and Matman's house was griefed. I narrowed the timespan of the former down to a 4 hour period (based on the map backups) and *** was the only user to connect for longer than a minute during that period.

    I can't say for sure he was also the one who damaged Matman's house, however. Since you guys are surprised by this I'll try to reach out to him.
  • It would seem odd indeed that he would damage matmans house (they were quite good friends) but if you feel that it is still him after further investigation I will side with your decision.
  • edited September 2011
    I reached out to him and he gave me a satisfactory explanation (forgot to log out of his account at a friend's house). That on top of the character references from you guys is more than enough for me to prove he's not a griefer.
  • Good to hear! :) thank you for looking into the matter.
  • edited September 2011
    Fantastic, I thought there must've been something wrong, *** didn't seem to be the kind of guy to do something like that

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