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2013 Fundraiser Outcome

Thanks to everyone who contributed this year, we raised $270 in the annual fundraiser!

Using those contributions plus extra trimmings from my magic money tree, I've now moved the server to a VPS on our new provider (RamNode) which has some pretty impressive specs that should be far more than sufficient for our needs. The new datacenter is located in Atlanta, so if you're still experiencing lag now it's most likely due to latency and not because the server is struggling to keep up (which was not always necessarily the case on the old server).

Thanks to the magical workings of the interwebz, you don't need to do anything different to connect to the new server. In fact if you've played at all in the last week or so you've already been playing on the new server without even realizing it.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to keep the server alive another year, you guys rock!


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