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Possible damage of property....

edited March 2013 in Grievances
not sure if this was intentional or not, but a couple of craters have shown up in buildings taking out small parts of buildings. Neither Warzorack nor I made them. the damage isn't too bad, except for a few lost villagers, but I've heard reports of similar happenings from Tatorak3 and Mr_Rock36. Mr_Rock36 also mentioned villagers disappearing from his buildings as well. not sure if any of this was malicious, or just the result of glitches/accidents, but it would be great if an admin could look into this.


  • If you can post the exact coords where the craters showed up, one of us can teleport over and check the core protect logs to see what happened. I should be able to tonight if nobody else has done it by then.
  • Reopru already checked it out. They were creepers. the only thing about it is neither warzorack nor I triggered them. I'm assuming it was someone visiting that accidentally caused it.

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