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New Map Game Plan (1.6)

Since the 1.6 release is due out next week, and our new map vote has had a Yes majority for a while now, I will be making a final backup of our current map tonight (which will be made available for download on the website shortly after).

This weekend will be griefer madness--your chance to say goodbye to your beloved creations on this map with tears and/or TNT. Let's watch the world burn!

(NOTE: I have not made a final backup so do not start griefing anything yet. Put the kerosene back in the shed for now. I'll post a new announcement here with some simple ground rules once open season has begun.)

After we've had our fun, early next week I'll swap in a custom built placeholder map for everyone to play around on while we wait for 1.6 to come out (Pizike has been working on a cool looking one for just such an occasion). As soon as 1.6 is released I'll generate our new map and fire it up. We'll stop accepting new members for now (except for direct referrals from members who have been on the server for longer than 3 months) since we'll be at higher griefing risk until Bukkit gets an update and we can use our anti-grief plugins again on the new version.

Let me know how you guys feel about this plan. I'll be performing the final backup in a few short hours. Prepare yourselves for WORLD WAR 1.5!


  • Sounds great :3
  • I'll bump up my floating Island to around 20 and place them apart for some exploring to be had.

    @Rudy - How is the best way to deliver the map? email or something? let me know. I'll finish it up tonight/tomorrow morning. Zipped up it's pretty small, I pushed the terrain generation chunks back, way back. So they effectively won't generate unless someone makes like a 32 chunk long bridge or something.
  • I shot you a PM with details where you can upload a zipped up copy when it's ready.

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