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Temporary Map is Live

We've got a temporary floating islands map up now while we wait for the release of 1.6 and our new permanent map. Can you survive this map until then? Can this map survive until then? Only time will tell!

Let me know if you run into any issues. Here's a primer for floating-island-style maps:


  • FYI there may be buried chest around some of the islands full of different goodies, remember to share and don't log out with all the 'insert item here' because you may be holding the only 'insert item here' on the entire map.
  • Except: I can't do anything. Can't dig, can't cut trees, can't place blocks. I can die when the creepers converge on me, and that's about it.
  • Sounds like spawn protection causing problems...
    I'll see if i can figure out a way to disable it.
  • Yeah, there's spawn protection. I accidentally blew up half the first island due to spawning at night with a ton of creepers around...managed to get off and to the third island. Cut down a tree there before logging out. I'll be on shortly, hopefully I can make a little more progress. (Use the waterfalls to get around).
  • yeah the first island is trashed haha, i didnt think about spawn protect
  • it's too dangerous :[
  • I patched up some of the spawn area and added torches, due to the spawn protect being on.
  • Hey guy it’s Mr_Rock36 and I was thinking maybe we could keep our current floating island map as our “new” 1.6 map. I have been working hard to get to the nether from the islands and with the help of an old friend found a way to do so and get around the lack of lava problem. Pizike says that this map he created is about 64 chunks from a mainland or regular Minecraft terrain. Going through the nether I should be able to get there and put off on making a new portal till the update after that it’s a quick process of changing the spawnpoint and bam, new 1.6 with a cool extra little flying island home for those who can find it.
  • I think that would work if the Islands weren't the spawn. It's a nice project but I'd see that as a deterrent for newer players that want to start off easy. They'd have to walk a long way even if they are going to the nether.
  • well we would have a path that's really not to long to get to the Islands and the spawn can be close to the portal that puts you on the path I have made from my island home to where I think my be a good place to build the one to the main land, I get what your saying about the newer players though.
  • I'd be incline to start a new map as well, if everyone really wanted floating islands we could always MCEdit them in, but that's not really vanilla.
  • Yeah the floating islands is just for fun while we wait for 1.6. Once it's out (July 1 is what I think I heard last) we'll generate an all-new map. I'll make the floating islands in its final incarnation available as a download with the other maps though if anyone is interested.
  • Ok so we went ahead and made the portal. Rocklantis shall not fall!
  • gonna have to agree, new map. Especially with 1.7 likely being a biomes update i'd even venture to say when the new map for 1.6 comes out lets try to stay pretty close to spawn until we know where 1.7 is going
  • Judging from past experience, there is an exactly 0% chance that people will still be anywhere near spawn within a few hours of the new map.
  • haha true Rudy
  • Rock actually built a portal in the nether that leads 64 chunks away to actual land, we have found Rocklantis and established Fort Pizike. I wish the update was coming out on a Friday :(
  • I can dream can't i, maybe make a sign or 2 pleading that people don't go TOO far but I wouldn't be surprised if we have a stray line on the map going out 6000m by the first map upload
  • Frag and I used that convenient portal and established a tree sanctuary on a remote island. So yeah, can't contain us :P .
  • Rolled back.

  • edited June 2013
    I still want to petition a cmd block run prison island. We can TP griefers to, it puts them in game-mode 2 and strips there inventory. Surround the island with cmd blocks that TP nearest player back to the center. hehe

  • Sounds good to me
  • Sweet that sounds cool,
    Pizike do you know the cords of the portal I'm way out there with a ton of stuffz
  • no, but I'll be one in about 2 hours from now, if your still stuck.

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