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Cast your vote: Normal vs Hard Difficulty

edited July 2013 in Community Discussions
Note: This vote has been formalized—please cast your vote using the vote widget on the right sidebar of the discussions page instead of just posting it here.

Hey guys, what would you think about having a bit of a challenge with this next map and up the difficulty to hard?
Check this link for more information on what this will affect:

Basically more damage from mobs, hunger can kill, and zombies can break wooden doors down. I don't have the tools to embed a fancy voting panel, but simple replies should do the job.

normal: 0
hard: 1


  • I never realised we were even on Normal. I vote to change it so Normal : 0 Hard :2
  • edited July 2013
    I'm not particularly interested in fighting monsters when I play, so I vote to keep it on normal.

    //reopru edit

    normal: 1
    hard: 2
  • edited July 2013

    //reopru edit

    normal: 1
    hard: 3
  • Hard sounds fun.

    normal: 1
    hard: 4
  • edited July 2013
    Sorry PZ
    normal: 2
    hard: 5
  • I'm with PZ on this one. The monsters are already annoying enough for me, and if I have to start spending all of what little play time I get foraging for food so I don't die of starvation, I'll probably stop playing altogether.
  • :[

    wait do you always play at half a heart?
  • edited July 2013
    Rudy, You can crash on my couch until we gather enough food resources :P

    *we could have an in game vote, for this topic when we get the new map, might provide enough buffer for folks to gather food by then to. Also a lot of players pay no attention to the forums.
  • Well, I'm usually at more than half a heart because i've recently been killed by the normal-mode monsters :)

    But food-farming/gathering isn't one of the things that draws me to Minecraft in general.
  • I was thinking we could do some community start up stuff until food is easy to get for sure :3
  • edited July 2013
    We can all sit around playing this while waiting on crops to grow

    *I'm defiantly installing a flint table at my place
  • I don't know if you've tried 1.6 yet, but I've found that even on normal the number of monsters is much greater than in 1.5. Almost every night, almost every door in my little house in my solo world has a gang of zombies pounding on it. It might be a bit much if they not only hit harder, they're also able to break the door down.
  • I think pizike has the best idea, since we are going to have a new map we should change the current vote for a difficulty one, 'could be only the six of us here want hard and everyone else wants normal
  • You can always use cobble, it makes an awesome door until you get your iron count up :P
  • edited July 2013
    Ok, so I've decided to chance my vote to normal, here's why: The mobs, especially zombies human sensors have been boosted alot, I've lit a massive area up with torches and still, they can see me, even when i'm 50+ blocks away.

    Aniki, sorry, I edited your comment to show the vote numbers change after I decided for normal.
  • I'll set up a real forum vote and an motd in-game to formalize this.
  • np warz :3 though i suppose rudism voted normal too XD
  • I have had all my stuff blown up but two back to back creeper explosions. I am scared it would get worse. I am changing my vote to normal aswell
  • edited July 2013
    It looks like we're gonna stick with normal, 1.6 seems to have brought some extra challenges. I am yet to see a horse, no idea how scary those are!
  • They are really fun, Pamplemousse and I have begun breading a bunch, you're more than welcome to have some if you wish
  • Don't believe them reo, they bite, and don't get me started on their hooves
  • Based on the vote results (11 votes in) it looks like most people want to stick with normal difficulty.

    I am still not adverse to the idea of occasional hard-mode weekends though.

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