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Sigh, more (minor) vandalism and theft

edited October 2011 in Grievances
Timeframe: between tuesday, about 10 pm EEST and the time of this post.
Where: my house and the portal by the lake.
What: holes in the floor and walls, flooding in the storage room, extinguished portal and decorative fires around it.
There is a chest right next to the damage with coords 57,64,131, maybe the perp looked into it.

EDIT: Also one or two diamonds, about 2 stacks of coal and half a stack of iron stolen from the chest near 58, 14, 150. This chest is in the mine, far from everyday traffic so it should be easy to find out who accessed it.


  • thetrumpetcat6 accessed both of those chests some time on tuesday, and started all the fires in and around Cathedral around the same time. He's been banned. Next time I see you on, if you want, I can give you back all the stuff he stole.
  • Thanks! Looking at the screenshots that I occasionally take of the contents of my chests, I'm missing: 1 stack of rails, 1 diamond, 2 stacks of coal, about 1/2 stack of iron and let's say 1/2 stack of slimeballs. Also some iron tools, buckets etc. are gone, but that's not so important.

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