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Events Calendar

edited September 2013 in Community Discussions
I've added a new Events link to the homepage and forum, as well as an upcoming events widget to the discussions page on the forum. I'm using Google Calendars for it, so if you want to be added to the calendar as an administrator (with the ability to create events) send me your gmail (either email it to me or you can PM me on the forum here) and I'll put you on there. This applies to all players, anyone who thinks they might ever want to schedule a community event is invited.

Hopefully we can use this as a tool to pre-schedule gaming times or special events with groups of players who otherwise don't have a good method of communication or coordination. No promises that this will actually work and attract players to each others' events, but hey it's worth a shot :)

If it goes well and people like it, I'll look into getting some kind of in-game integration going (ie, an /events command to list upcoming events).

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