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1.7 update and new map are LIVE

edited November 2013 in News and Announcements
We're going to go vanilla on 1.7 with a new map either tonight (Friday) or tomorrow morning depending on when I get time to do the needful. Stay tuned.


  • Ok, looking forward to it!
  • Took the server offline. I'm doing one final backup of the current map, and then bringing it back up with 1.7.

  • edited November 2013
    We are now back online on 1.72 vanilla with a brand new shiny non-ocean-dominated map.

    What to expect in vanilla mode:
    • None of our grief-protection and rollback mods are active. Because of this, if your stuff is griefed you're more or less out of luck. So please don't grief stuff.
    • I've closed applications on the main website, meaning unsolicited apps will be either denied outright or put on hold until our anti-grief measures are back in place. We'll still take new members who are direct referrals from existing players though.
    • The server status and online player list on the website won't function anymore, so ignore it.
    • The in-game map voting doesn't work in vanilla so we'll have to wait for bukkit to update before we can start voting to get rid of this brand new shiny map. Deal with it.
    • The online map and automatic map backups should still function just fine.
    I think that's everything you need to know. Have fun!
  • So, it begins...
  • edited November 2013
    Winter is coming...

    Thx Rudy
  • Looks like Bukkit has started rolling out dev builds for 1.7.2 now, so I might update the server and turn our mods back on this week if I determine it's stable enough.
  • Awesome, thanks Rudy
  • We're back on bukkit, so all of the voting/protection plugins are back in operation. As far as I know, they should all still be compatible with the current version, but let me know if you notice any problems.

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