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Griefing investigation 10/22

edited October 2011 in Grievances
I just saw all the posts about the griefings. Unfortunately I'm stuck at work today, but I will have a chance to dig into it this evening.

Based on the extent of the damages, are we looking at a map rollback? I am willing to /give compensate any stolen/missing stuff if necessary.


  • edited October 2011
    Thank you for the kind offer Rudism!
    For me things could've been much worse, I can easily rebuild/gather the stuff I am missing. A map rollback is from my point of view as of now not necessary. Let's see what the rest of the folks have to say about it.
  • edited October 2011
    I dug into the logs. Culprit is thetrumpetcat6, who stole all kinds of stuff and started all the fires in and around Cathedral (as well as used client hacking, so he's probably responsible for the weird map square glitch I'm seeing on Overviewer too).

    He's been removed from the whitelist and banned from the forum.

    This all happened on Tues 10/18 around 9pm EST. Since it's been 4 days, I'm hesitant to do a roll back, but I'll still consider the idea if enough people feel strongly otherwise.
  • not needed for me thx. and thx for the swift response.
  • i would not like a roll back due to the extensive building we have done in the north, along with that, if materials are needed I am willing to donate supplies and help re-build
  • Ok, there will be no roll back.

    I'll try to get on some time this week and place some chests somewhere with replacements for stuff that people have reported as stolen so far.
  • I've placed a few chests in in the Hell Rail system, a room that's around (4,75,40) in the Nether. One for asum2, a couple for MATMAN333, and so everyone else isn't left out I put a chest with some stuff for everyone to share as well.

    If anyone else lost something during the last thieving incident, just send me an inventory and I'll get you compensated.
  • Thank you!
  • someone has stolen fyirhunt's iron+lapis between 4:30 and 4:45 GMT 31/10/2011
  • what are the approximate coordinates of the chest they were in?
  • x: -160
  • according to the logs, Fiyrhunt is the only one who's been in that chest.
  • idk then, its just what he told me =/
  • Could have been a glitch, it was just the four of us (+asum and Ollie) online and all of the sudden his stuff disappears. Weird stuff, must be a ghost! It was Halloween after all ;)

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