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An Introduction to Me

edited January 2014 in General
Perhaps you have heard of a new player whose charm and wit have befuddled even the most experienced player, or maybe a creative artist who builds magnificent things, a sociable man who can strike up a conversation with even the most ornery of creepers. If so, kindly point me in their direction, I'd like to meet them.


Okay, jokes aside, I just wanted to introduce myself to the server. I recently was accepted (Three days ago.) and I had forgotten about my application until I saw the E-mail. So, Here I am.

Hello! I'm Blobbydude! I am a semi-veteran minecraft player, been playing since Beta 1.4, and my favorite minecraft world is a peaceful map I've had for ages. I am a creative builder, and I don't go in much for hard battles or mods. I have been a dedicated member of three servers. (Well two... Kinda...) And I like to play with people more so than being alone in my worlds.

But who am I kidding? Do you really want to know who I am?

Hello! I'm A*** H***, and I'm a 9th grader. I don't know much about the ages of people here, but from what I see they are old(er). Don't let my youth discourage you, I am very mature for my age, at least when compared to the other people in my grade. I enjoy Chemistry, and science in general, and I'm probably the only Star Trek fan at my school. (I mean the original ones, not these new movies.) Don't let my descriptions discourage you, I am normally not at formal as this...

Well, Thanks for accepting me, and I hope to be a good member of this community. I hope to meet and play with you on the server.

(Really, I don't talk like this at all.)
(I just like to write a long, clever forum post from time to time.)


  • Welcome aboard, Blobbydude! :)
  • hey Blob! welcome :>
    I can only assume that A*** H*** stands for ass hole. that's nice of you to let us know up front. I usually wait for people to figure out that I'm an ass hole all on their own.

    I look forward to seeing that creative side of you. Whatever you come up with, I'm sure it will be better than the crap I spit out.

  • Welcome aboard
  • You sound like my kind of dude. F@$#! the new Star Trek movies... TOS and TNG 4 EVAR!!!!

    Seriously though, the new movies are an abomination. Even Voyager at least stayed within Star Trek canon. I can't believe they basically called mulligan on the whole Trekiverse and are starting from scratch. It's like they're taking a big old dump on the show that basically defined my childhood and made me the man I am today.

    F@$#! you, J.J. Abrams. May you choke on my wookie before you have a chance to ruin Star Wars like you did Trek.
  • I'm hoping he'll be blinded by excessive lens flare before he does much more damage.
  • edited February 2014
    Does anybody at all have any hopes for the new SW movies NOT to suck? Picturing what JJ did with the ST movies and applying that to SW makes me all weepy. In a manly way, of course.
  • Well from what I can tell, they cover it up it by saying it all happens in a parallel universe...
    Which I find to be a bit cheaty.
    Maybe if the movies weren't ST related they would be good.


    Waaaait... what do you mean, EVEN Voyager? Voyager was the best!
  • Okay, you want to talk about Voyager, let's talk about Voyager. The year is 1996, the day, 26th of January. This is the initial air date of the 15th episode of the second season of Star Trek Voyager. Allow us to quickly recap the plot of said episode:

    A dashing rebellious young Starfleet officer by the name of Tom Paris gets the crazy idea that he can single-handedly eliminate the series' (indeed, the entire Trek universe's) long-standing Warp 10 maximum speed plot device.

    We discover him in his attempt, and find that he is successful! But then in a not-cliche-or-totally-beaten-dead-horse shocking reveal, we find that it was merely a holodeck simulation of his theories.

    But will Janeway let him carry out his experiment in an actual shuttle blah blah herpy derpy do badoo blah blah I mean come on of course she will and of course it will all go horribly wrong in some way blah blah blah? Never mind that it's already been well established in extended-universe literature and technical manuals that achieving Warp 10 would essentially mean that you inhabit every point in space-time simultaneously--it's much more convenient for this show to ignore that and just say that Warp 10 would get them home much quicker.

    Cut to the actual experiment... it's a success just as the holodeck simulation predicted it would be! Hurrah! Warp 10 is no longer a barrier! But what's this? It seems to have made Tom horribly ill. What will the doctor discover is the cause of his illness?

    Why, REVERSE EVOLUTION, of course! Clearly, because humans evolved from "lesser" creatures, if you REVERSE the process of evolution, humans would revert back into those lesser creatures! Starting, of course, with their inability to breath oxygen because, you know, back then when life was simpler we probably didn't have oxygen! This makes such perfect sense; clearly the writers have an astute understanding of biology and evolution to come up with such a brilliant thesis.

    Some other shit happens and the Doctor spews a bunch of idiotic gobbledy-gook that I mostly forget but for some reason Tom decides that it would be a good idea to forgo all of that boring "medical treatment" and "not dieing a horrible death" nonsense, kidnap Captain Janeway, and take her on the same transwarp journey that got him into this mess in the first place. When the crew of the Voyager and we (the unfortunate viewers) finally catch up with them, Tom Paris and Captain Janeway have DEVOLVED (yes, this word is used multiple times throughout the episode) into... get this... SALAMANDERS. Tom Paris and Captain Janeway have DEVOLVED INTO SALAMANDERS.


    Oh yeah, they also have sex whilst in salamander-form and make some salamander babies.

    But yeah, you're right, man. I don't know how I didn't see it before. Voyager was the best.
  • I'm sorry, I thought I was done but there's still more rant left in me.

    You can't just take something as beautiful, mysterious, and elegant as Warp 10 and say it infects you with a preposterous un-scientific load of horseshit like REVERSE EVOLUTION that will--and I cannot emphasize the vast ridiculousness of this enough--DEVOLVE YOU INTO A F&$#ING SALAMANDER.

  • My favorite way to zip around the universe would defiantly have to be with this:

    None of this silly Warp 10 nonsense!
  • For some reason, I'm glad I'm not a Trekkie...
  • It's not that I like that episode, it's possibly the stupidest episode of any Star Trek episodes, but most series have their black sheep. (Spock's Brain, anyone?)

    (All right, I'll give that Voyager started out... Bumpy, and a lot of the episodes early on were pretty bad, but I think I found it's stride after a time.)
    And don't the Borg use Trans-warp Drive to go faster than warp ten? I mean, even if it isn't actually warp ten, it can still be done.

    I leave you with a much shorter description of this episode I once found,
    "At warp ten, Everything is salamanders!"
  • (Raises hand.) Evolutionary biologist here.


    Shall we also mention the horrible episode where they explained how green-blooded multiple hearted Vulcans could interbreed with humans because they're all descended from DNA seeded by a progenitor race ages ago?

    Seriously, the biology on ALL of the Trek series was appalling.
  • Uhm. I don't have anything witty or related to Star Trek to say... and I just made a grammar error and a half. But uh, hi! I'm Josh... in case it wasn't clear enough. Nice ta meet you and I hope I see you round. Yay more spelling mistakes and grammatical errors!!

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