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*Before you read this, please know that I don't want to seem overly disappointed, I have enjoyed my time on the server and hope to enjoy it much longer.*

So, when I joined this server, I was expecting it to be more of a community. So far I've seen that most people wander into the wilderness and build alone. While people are friendly, and I'm sure there's more than I realize, I'm still holding out for a town type system. I came here to build with friends and a group. Right now it's like I'm on a single-player server where I occasionally chat with someone. I want to have some neighbors.

And now we enter my shameless self-promotion stage. I would like to offer up my land for a town. If you look at the map at around X:-1180 Y:-150, you will see a tall tower (My home) a smaller, rounder, stone tower (Covering a Pit Mine) and a large barn (full of farm animals). If you would like, please come by and build, just try not to invade my tower's space. The animals and mine are free to use. (Just breed 'em a bit) There aren't set styles for building in the "town", but I like the tower theme. Hopefully we can get a nice community started.
Whew, glad that's over.

If anyone has some other ideas for a community, I'd love to hear them.
Sidenote: How can I add a picture to my profile? I can't seem to find the option.


  • There is actually a Medieval Town here:
    But it's a really far way out. Idk if you want to make the trip, but if you want, go ahead.

    And also, on the note of few people on, I think that a lot of people are bus (or have been playing for so long and so much they've gotten a bit bored). Hopefully after a short bit, people will start to get on more often. If I have time to come all the way over there, I might build a little something to give your tower company. But yeah, you'll find that this isn't the most crowded or frequented server, but it's reliable
  • The crowd seems to come and go. I know several people (me including) are currently busy with our real lives. Just give it a time.

    Regarding your picture - you should be able to change it if you click on your name, go to your profile page and there should be a link saying "change picture". If that's missing for you, then I'll look into the permission settings, might be something misconfigured.

  • Yes, It is missing.
  • open the doors see all the people!
    Hmmm, this map has been establishing itself for a few months now. Folks have builds in prgress and lots of plans in mind for their spaces. Strange that you would expect us to pack in the homestead, hitch up the horse, and flock to you. If you want neighbs, make the effort and come to us.
  • Please check again whether you can change your profile picture.
    There are at least two potential reasons this might have happened. If my current fix didn't work, then it is the more complicated one and I will have to find more time to deal with it.
  • Yes, looking back, I'm not sure why I posted this. It was more of a fleeting thought, when I had finished my barn, I wasn't sure where to continue. I thought that building with a couple of people nearby would be fun, and that thought just stuck.

    Yes, it is still missing.
  • Yeah, I've got a new three week old at my house, this is my excuse.

    I normally play more than is probably sane. :)

    Feel free to stay at the Inn in the Medieval city, before you build your own house.

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