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Check out ma house! (Suggestions pls?)

edited June 2014 in General
Hey, trying out a new build style. Was wondering if you can lend me tips and leave any comments about things you like and don't like. It's not actually done- fireplace will have fire, and I want some more pots and bookshelves near the fireplace. But if you could let me know what you think, that'd be great. Thanks!

Link to screenshots:

Thanks to roxxer for the idea to put in coal blocks until I get netherrack.


  • edited June 2014
    Looks pretty finished, and the over hang on the roof gives it some good depth. Nice!

    Suggestions: use leaves and gravel paths as nice landscaping, they also add depth when used next to the house (leaf blocks).
  • Thanks :)
    Ya, good idea! It's a bit hard to do some of that since its built on a hill, but I can terra-form the front of the house and try out your suggestion.
  • Looks great Josh! I love the log roof.

    As piz said, doing some landscaping will really improve the look of the house. Some hedges and such will do a world of difference.

    The only difference to the house that I'd make would be to give the fireplace a mantel by pushing it 1 block out from the wall. Here's a picture of one:

  • Noted!
    Thanks :)
  • awwww! that looks really good!

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