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Reputation below threshold.

2 years ago, I was banned for spiderhacking on another server. Today, I was approved to join this server, but have a reputation of 9 on MCbans due to said ban. When I attempt to log into the server, I receive a message letting me know my reputation is too low to join. I have already posted requesting a removal of the ban on the site for that server, and would like to ask if there is anything else I should do to resolve this issue. Hopefully, the ban will be removed, but as that is not a given, I am making this discussion to ask for input.


  • The requirement of a 10 reputation has been around for a while, I don't think there are any plans to change it. your best option would be to follow through to get the ban removed. This is at least what I think, the other admins may have other ideas.
  • I'll look into the ban later and if it seems OK, I can add an exception to our server. We have done that before on a couple of occasions when the person explained the low rep and we didn't see any danger to our server.
  • I've looked into it and decided to add an exception for you. You should be able to log on now.

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