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Tamandua City

Well, with all the new players joining, Blobby Oil Corp. has been concerned about displacing the population away from prying eyes that may discover our ahm... Operations. Now we want to announce that we have constructed a large dome for a city. Now, this area was originally designed for a secret research lab, but a number of parties complained about the ethics of our lab. (Including but not limited to PETA, EPA, CIA, KGB, VFD, NYC, the Illuminati, and several other groups who if it told you about them, I would have to kill you. (At least sooner.))
Enter Tamandua City, officially sponsored by Blobby Oil Corp, run currently by Wevverthane, it offers a large expansive area, distanced from other groups of people. ( Located in the Mesa Biome, near infinite hardened clay is present for your homes and shops.

On a more serious note, unless you want to walk for a week, the nether path is somewhat isolated, known by me, and possibly hard for you to find. I'll be working on establishing a more definite path, but I would start at getting to either Craggy, or my platform. The path starts at my platforms portal, and you can get from Craggy to my platform. My coffers are open if you need supplies.


  • A couple of us were able to make a path from Craggy to Tamandua completely covered, so you won't have to worry about ghasts anymore. We also have plenty of food and tons of space to build a house, temple, or whatever else you can imagine!
  • Thanks! I wasn't sure if anybody actually lived there.
  • I have a small home there and am building a Hopi inspired village just to the south of Tamandua.

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