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URGENT - ban nicholasrocks

edited November 2011 in Grievances
Rudism, please get rid of nicholasrocks, we're having some issues right now, he is stealing stuff with x-ray mod, destroying asum's place and killing at random. Hope this reaches you before any big damage is done.


  • A rollback is in order. A backup happened before any major damage, although I had already lost some stuff if I remember correctly, have to check my previous screenshots for details.

    This also raises a question about an additional moderator with ban-powers.
  • dam griefers love to grief. i agree that another moderator could extend the hours that the server is covered.
  • edited November 2011
    yeah, lots of wood damaged in the castle too, I have screen shots if needed, left my metal stacks but started fires everywhere. why would you go around starting fires? What a Douchbag
  • yeah i was chasing him when he done the spread the fires in your castle and i think we need to to a rollback if possible
  • Nooooooo! I showed him my house and if he has x-ray

    secret chest= :(
  • Banned him. Sorry it took so long.

    In the future, tweets or private messages on the forum will get my attention almost immediately. I don't get notified of new regular messages posted to the forum unfortunately.

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