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Mumble Problems

I'm probably stupid or something, but I can input all the server details and have it pop up in favorites. Bearing in mind it SHOWS people in there, I know it's the right server. I enter the right pass [REDACTED] and it still says I have a wrong pass or cert. I think I need the right cert but I have no idea how make the right one.


  • edited August 2014
    I had the same problem when trying to use Mumble from a different PC. I fixed it by importing the original cert from the other PC. @Rudism (if he reads this) can probably explain it the best. I'm guessing your original cert is tied to your username at the Mumble server and the new cert is not accepted.
  • I can remove you from the Mumble server user list. Signing in with a new cert SHOULD then work, but I'm not 100% sure.
  • Still does not work. Wrong certificate or password. What do I do to make a cert? I have no idea, I have never needed to make one before to join any other mumble servers, I'm at a complete loss here.
  • Now nothing is working. I do not have the right certificate for any of my mumble servers I use.
  • I'm gonna delete you from the server. Then follow the instructions on the Sitosis website. It SHOULD work ...
  • I might give that a try this week - is the mumble server a busy place?
  • Not really, but the server is bustling.
  • Maybe we should spread the word - I think most of the new players don't even know we have Mumble.
  • Yeah, I've brought it up usually in chat, with hopes of chatting instead of typing... most people are like "Mumble?"
  • It workded, ty asum :)
  • Is this thread visible to unauthed users? Should the pw be masked?
  • Good point, I believe it is visible. I changed the original post by removing the PW.

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