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Nethertop Corp.

I hereby announce the opening of a brand new service.

Did you get lost in the inhospitable realms of hell while trying to link up your portal? Are you tired of grinding through ugly netherrack? Afraid of falling while building thin bridges obove lava seas? Annoyed by Zombie Pigmen? Disencouraged by Ghasts blowing up your Nether lanes?

It doesn't have to stay this way!

From now on it will be possible to connect even the most remote locations on the server in a quick, easy and save way.
How is it possible? By traveling ON TOP of the Nether!

No getting lost - the Nethertop is clear and navigating by coordinates alone is easy.
No Ghast bombs - the bedrock obscures the view of any Ghast, thereby hindering them from targeting you, and even IF a Ghast ball heads towards you, it cannot penetrate the bedrock.
No Zombie Pigman, or any other monsters for that matter - Mobs can't spawn on bedrock.
No digging through mountains of netherrack, no crossing lava oceans, no jumping through rough terrain, no stumbling into fire - just flat, empty, stable space...

I hear you asking how you could possibly get onto the Nether, but don't be bothered! Our inmat-err staff has years of experience of ... work in our ... facility. They are professionals in drilling through bedrock and make for good grinding material, well, at least their bones ...
But I digress. The point is: You only need to tell me your portal's coordinates in the nether and I connect it to the top side. Or if you have no portal in the nether yet, just tell me the coordinates of the location you want to have connected to the rest of the map and I set up the portal in the nether for you. It's the better option, even. Because then the portal can be set up directly under the bedrock, thereby shortening the sub-bedrock distance.
Anyway, if you would like to use this service, post a comment!
(Unfortunately I haven't managed yet to force our inmates-err I meant ... to teach our staff how to craft minecart rails, so you have to provide them yourself or wander the nethertop temporally by foot.)

This new technologie renders further beneficial projects possible, too, including highly efficient Zombie Pigmen farms.
The Nethertop can not only be used to link together places that allready exist, but it can also be used to conquer and even discover new locations, which will be especially handy when people set sail for new landscapes after 1.8 gets released.

ATTENTION: To keep the Nethertop mob-free, all blocks you place there have to be spawn-proof, or covered by spawn-proof blocks (e.g. slabs, stairs, fences). Or atleast obstruct the direct surroundings of any non-spawn-proof block, so atleast ghasts don't spawn.


  • Rockser's and Warzorack's place is already connected! they didn't ask me to, but I just took the opportunity. Also I need sand, so a quick way to the next desert comes in handy.
  • Hello ehtuank. It seems your business provides a similar server as Blobby Oil Corp. As the CEO of Blobby Oil Corp, I will provide you with several options to maximize our efforts.

    One-A merging of the two companies into... Blobby Oil Corps! We combine your idea of using the roof of the nether with my business. Please consider this as it provides most benefits to me.

    Two-I sue your pants off for copying my idea; resulting in the construction of a courthouse, the assignment of judge, the assignment of jury, and your ultimate demise. This option is least preferable due to the time taken, and the resources needed to build a courthouse.

    Three-Guerrilla warfare tactics to destroy each other's respective companies and houses. Players will be forced to take sides in an epic battle leading to the demise of the server. This, while sounding fun, may in the end prove to be not so profitable.

    Four-Our companies compete for players portals to try to maximize profits. Each side will try to connect more than the other, and will separate the people based on who their nether provider is.

    Five-I help you with your company by providing resources, manpower or whatever, because the idea of using the roof of the nether is a pretty clever one, and will work far better than to dig tunnels everywhere.

    Thank you for considering the options, and I hope that you can respond with a reasonable answer.

    (CEO and founder of Blobby Oil Corp.)
  • You're welcome to come get some sand from our deserts, however, please contact me in game as I have allocated several locations where sand can be mined without disturbing the view from out town.
  • We will need lots of nether quartz for the courthouse :P
  • Quartzhouse?
  • edited August 2014
    I should make a court house were grievances are settled, and both parties have to stand in there respective areas. Whereas when the judgement is ruled the offending party is dropped into lava, or some other method of punishment.

    I'll get started, any donations of quartz would be appreciated.

    edit: yes a Quartzhouse :) I need some lawyers to write some books of law, to store in the Quartzhouse as well. So get to thinking and writing, your laws could be Sitosis law soon!
  • man, I completely forgot about this thread! So, Blobby ... ALL of those options sound like fun, espezially the more destructive ones, who doesn't like death and desolation?
    But seriously: if you want to help, (e.g. by providing rails) that would be great. Also, our projects add to each other rather than conflicting, since connecting portals that are close to each other is better done the conventional way, and only for very far away portals the nethertop solution makes sense.

    On a semi-related note, I'm planning a little satire project in the northern mesa, called "Grad Mill" in the "Grad Canyon" (no, there's no N missing), and it would be practical AND make sense in the history of Grad Mill, if you build a fracking station nearby.
  • While I've never tried to frack before, anything to expand our profits will be embraced.
    But what is this Grad Mill you speak of?
  • Made a Quartzhouse here in creative, I forgot about this too
  • Looks nice, now we need some quartz and some lawyers.
  • Ah yes, and some "law books" I figure we could fill some books up with frivolous laws like, "On Mondays you may not breed more than 4 pigs".

    Also those traps would lead down into a lava pit or something.
  • I'll begin drafting laws of Animal rights. Maybe we need to set some topics and write 3-5 books on each overarching theme? Remember, right now we have a lawless abandon of potential criminals with no basis for how they can and cannot act.
  • We could make anything into law. We could advocate for creeper wildlife protection :P

    We could regulate the dispensing of chicken eggs, so as to not endanger the careful balance to our precious wildlife.

    We could even form a regulatory committee and hand out certifications, and destroy those who don't pay up! I mean... meet our health and safety restrictions for the betterment of all Sitosis lands and wildlife.

  • Hey man, you know, like we should have, like, a law that protects the trees, man. People are, um, you know, punching the trees down, man. We should be hugging those trees, man. You know. Um...yeah.

    Anybody got some cake or something?
  • I may have to make an amendment or two but I think we could make that happen.
  • If we got fracking and laws, we need hippies too. :)

    So, everybody, group hug. I'll bring the drums.
  • I can help the build of the court. I am willing to risk my life in the nether to gather more quartz. we could also use other stones, precious metals, etc. but someone else needs to design the place, because I suck at planning.

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