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Ender Grinder

The Ender-ender is now open. It has only two spawning pads at the moment (each pad uses 34 sticky pistons), but the yield is very nice. It has both Kill and XP modes. I will gratefully accept any donations of iron to expand the capacity.

We also need to finish the line to the grinder, as the road is hazardous and not for the weak of heart.

Also needed is an enchantment table and bookshelves.



  • I can haul over some bookshelves and an enchantment table. Thanks for building it!
  • I took care of the enchanting station, Blobby. I really hated to travel all the way back on foot. Thanks, though.
  • Hope nobody minds but I have been working on the walkway to the enderman farm still a work in progress so excuse the mess haha!
  • Update: Almost finished the walkway just need more rails and water put all on top to prevent endermen teleporting on top of it!
  • Update: Water no longer needed on top!! All complete just need one powered rail!
  • Woo-hoo! Great news, byCrafty! Thanks.
  • Thanks to everyone!

    This project is really coming together well, I think. Here are some niceties that the people on the south and /or east of spawn might appreciate.

    1) There is a brand new Ender Portal room (eastern stronghold) accessible by a very quick trip through The Nether.

    2) There is a brand-new Nether Portal that will take you directly to the Ender Portal room. Coords in The Nether: x137 y60 z42

    NOTES: When you go through to our nether hub, turn left or due east and begin to look for the sign-house (a house for a sign) that will keep you on the correct path to this new route to The End. It is a very quick and relatively safe trip both ways. For the return trip through The Nether, from the Nether Portal building, follow the walkway west and look for the previously mentioned sign-house at the top of the hill.
  • I added a covered path through the nether to the new nether portal from Stone Bay via iamjusttree and ImaginaryPetal's portal room; it's a straight shot and safe. Convenient if you're coming from the north.
  • Not sure how, but I managed to get stuck on the book. I took a pattern of slabs out from above it to keep that from happening, hopefully it doesn't look super-awful to anyone
  • Don't know how on earth that could have happened. No problem, Sith. I prettied it up a little, though.

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