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What happened to blobby oil platform 2?

edited August 2014 in General
It looks like it burned down:

As far as I saw when I went there a couple of weeks ago, the only fire was the gas burnoff pipe which was above the wood and wool if I recall correctly?

Was this griefing, eco-terrorism, or did the pressure release valves not work correctly leading to catastrophic explosive failure?


  • Hmm, guess I missed the act of god cause as a potential fire starter. Reminds me why I don't build wooden roofs on houses.
  • I've had buildings catch fire from lightning strikes....which is really, really annoying.
  • I missed the action myself, but I heard from Peter that Blobby rigged it with TNT intentionally.
  • Ah, so an insurance scam then!
  • hmmm never had a lightning strike burn down anything before. And I build like the second little piggy almost always.
  • Happened to me on the last two maps. In one case I noticed it immediately and put it out, in the other I didn't discover it until I saw all my horses scattering and the barn in ruins.

    God fails to get me in real life, but he keeps trying in Minecraft.
  • It's rare, but it has happened to me on single player. That's why I roof with stone slabs or some such.
  • Man, my whole boat is wood haha that would be a bad day.
  • We had a catastrophic failure of judgement.

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